Sunday, September 21, 2014

Early B'day present

My 2 friends and I enjoyed one of our Hartville excursions yesterday.  We hit the fresh veg market, BJs, and Menchies.

We also meandered through Hartville Hardware where I picked up some kitchen items and a new drill pump to help empty out the back rain barrels.

While in the hardware store, buddy Dave motioned me over to the patio department and showed me a little bistro set.

"It's your color."

My gosh, it sure was.  Key Lime with a nice gloss finish.  On sale. But no.

First off, I wasn't in the market for a bistro set, although I've wanted 'something' for the back of the deck near the fountain.  Just didn't know what.  Hmmm, I did like the color....

Second off, even on sale at 50% off, it was over what I was willing to pay.

Third off, these things are usually not built to last.

Still - I did like the color.  A rigorous inspection showed this set was built like a tank with welds and bolts (and bolt covers!).  I mean this thing was solid.  I could probably dance on it.  (Never fear - won't happen. *heh*)

The table could be disassembled flat for winter storage.  The chairs stacked.  The heavy gauge steel was smooth and (where necessary) manufacturing holes had latex plugs.  The thing was SOLID.

And it was green.  And shiny.

I try very hard not to impulse buy.  I usually regret it.  So I walked away.  We shopped.  We were about to leave, but, well, we took one last look.

Yep.  Still green.  But too pricey I said.  There.  That'd finish it off and we could leave.

Then Dave said, "Your birthday's coming up.  I'll buy the table, you buy the chairs."  Aaaaaaaaaarg!  He's such an enabler!! LOL

So there you are.  A new bistro set in the perfect place.  It was put to good use as soon as we got it unpacked.

BTW - the PACKING was better than most PRODUCTs I've seen come out of China.   There was even EXTRA nuts & caps! This thing is a keeper.

Only downside - the store had no hang tags, warranty paper or anything like that so I copied down all the info on the shipping box (which is how I found the manufacturer: Made in China for Alfresco Home LLC in Philadelphia.).

After the cold front Monday, the rest of the week should be bright and sunny and perfect for some sit-downs!   This month has been emotional, busy, frustrating and anxious.  I'm really ready for something cheery like this! 

How about you?  Anything new to entice you out into the gardens lately?


  1. wow, I love it. That is really nice! (and my colour too ;) ) So nice and cheery.....good for you for getting it.
    Happy early birthday wishes to go along with your early present! :)

  2. Very colorful--I like it!
    Happy Birthday---if a bit early!

  3. Very nice - and a stunning colour :) Not sure when your birthday is, but Happy Birthday :)

  4. I love it! You deserve it! When is the birthday? I will wish you a very Happy one whatever the day.

  5. Thanks, all. Actually, my birthday isn't until November. But Dave usually gives me something for the garden/outside every year. He likes to give me early so I can enjoy for Fall, not giving me in November when I would have to wait until next Spring. Isn't that thoughtful! :-D

  6. Hi Kris, I enjoyed reading your thought process in trying to decide about the set. It is very cool, and I bet you are enjoying it.

    1. LOL Hi Sue. Usually my thought process is only of interest to a therapist! *heh* Yep, really enjoying the set on these gorgeous days. Glad you stopped by. :-D


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