Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And so it begins....

... this year's leafy harvest.

I say harvest.  Harvest has a more positive connotation than working, or raking, or dealing.  Harvest implies something more than effort.  Harvest means a payoff in the end.

When I get through with 'harvest' not only will the leaves be off the lawn, but they will be shredded (for the most part) and used to mulch garden beds.


So let the harvest begin.

The usual suspects are already showering their bounty.

Namely the blue and green ash trees, especially since that early frost/freeze.

I'm going to go the same route 'harvesting' as last year.  I wasn't in full health then and needed help.

While I'm in much better health this year, I am opting for the same help.  After all, why the heck not?

Since my friend got one of those zero-turn bagging mowers, his occasional Fall visits make my life so much easier.  My back applauds.

The ash drop is first and major.  He mowed the front lawn, chopping up tons of leaves.  Then I bag up the shreds with my mower and dump them on freshly-weeded beds.

Then there will be a rest before the next drop - sassafras and hickory.  Later still - neighbor trees (mixed) that blow this way.   Then come my silver maples, the magnolia and (alway last and very late) the sweet gums. (I don't count the crabapples, there's no real impact from them.)

Toward the end my friend will have the bagger on HIS mower and he'll be mowing/bagging and I'll have to do is point where they need to be dumped. About then is the only time I need to rake - to smooth out the shredded piles.

Truly the hardest thing I have to do is weed all the beds.  Good grief - my lower back!  The bending, stooping, getting down and up.  That's the real killer.  Thank goodness quite a bit is done.  The front bed, veg bed and swing bed are ready for leaves.

The other beds should be less work - they are filled with zins, not weeds.  It'll probably still ache me up, but I'll have some weeks resting my back until then.  Those blooms (driveway and in the far back) are still bright and beautiful I'll enjoy them until the very end.  Then those beds will be stripped and topped up with the last shredded leaves.

It's a plan.  And really, once a plan is in place, isn't half the battle won?

How about you.  Still doing leaves the same way every year?  Or are you changing up as you figure stuff out.


  1. Last year I raked and raked. I started to this year, but decided to let Mother Nature do the job. The wind has distributed leaves to the base of all my perennials, the rest has blown away. I think I've found the solution to too much work.
    I NEED things to do in spring, so that is when I cut back and clean up beds. Busy work, I call it....for when I'm half nuts from a winter of sitting inside.
    Hope your week is going well. We've had 4 straight days of gloom , fog, and rain. I'm ready for some sunshine. Got a cupful I could borrow?

    1. Rain and gloom here, gal. .8" so far over 3 days. Glad I got up some dry leaves last weekend. I hear you on the Spring busy work. Good thing I need less and less to top my tank, so to speak. *heh* Hope you're feeling better these days? Take it easy - enjoy the weekend. :-D

  2. leaves have just started to really come down in the last week. A couple of nights of frost and lots of rain has really brought them down. It looks awful out there, but not doing anything yet until we have a day or two of dry weather. They are soaking wet and plastered to everything. ugh!

    1. Yeah, wet leaves are the worst. Should be dry and breezy today so I hope I can mow/shred today before tonights/tomorrows rain. Long range forecast actually has SNOW for Nov 2. *whine*

  3. If it requires bending and squatting it doesn't get done around here these days! DH is a big help but I won't ask him to do that. I let mother nature do her thing.

    The acceptance thing worked this time (obviously)

    1. Glad you're able to get in now, Glenda. Don't know what happened to the original invite. My bad? Yeah the lifting, bagging, even some raking doesn't do me in like bending and stooping/getting up-down does. I hate this getting old thing.

  4. I leave my leaves to lay where they lie. :o) But then again, I have a lot less leaves than you do. Smart to have someone help you. We mow whatever falls on the grass. snow for Nov 2? Sheesh! That's too early!!

    1. Hi Tammy. Thankfully, the need for winter mulch is incentive for gathering up the leaves. Otherwise I'm sure I'd hire a mower every fall to take them away. I'm looking on the radar this a.m. and seeing BLUE PATCHES in NY & PA right now. Yikes!!


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