Monday, October 20, 2014

Again - Pretty pretty pretty


Almost (almost almost) makes up for the work they make when they let loose.

The ash leaves are down for the most part.  Irks me.  They are on the south side of the property and for days we've had a stiff southern wind.  I got all the leaves.

Up next: the hickories & oak (one hickory my property, 3 hickories and an oak on nabes' property.  They are all on the north side.  And what happens now?  The winds have shifted - now stiff from the NORTH for the next couple of days.  I can't catch a break!

All I can seem to do is - catch leaves.


P.S.  I see that by putting the blog to PRIVATE, Google will not send update alerts by email.  Google also does not update my blog on your 'follow lists'.  What a pain.

While this blog is in PRIVATE mode, you'll have to check in yourself now and then and scroll for recent update.  Sorry.  Hopefully going private will chase away the rude browser.  It's always something, no?


  1. Beautiful beautiful colours I love getting all the leaves from the church next year - makes such wonderful soil improver.

    Re: the 'private' thing. I use Feedly and sign into it via Google, (no, I don't like having everything linked but it's what it is ...) Anyhow, your new posts have shown up in my Feedly Reader . . . which I wasn't expecting.

    1. Shhh. Right now I've got the blog unlocked. Yeah, the gorgeous leaves are really a mixed blessing. Work AND wonder.

  2. Wow! Yes, such beautiful colors! I am with you on the leaves! The neighbors and I share two giant (beautiful) kwanzan cherry trees and we're about to loose all of those leaves. Last year we got all the leaves!

    I'm in the same boat as the poster above regarding the privacy issue! :)

    1. Did you get your privacy invite Ashley? The leaves are work, but I"d hate to live in a place where there aren't any seasons to change.

  3. Your posts show up on my Reading list for Blogger so all is well.
    As for getting rid of the troublesome person, I've never had luck. I'm just extremely lucky they don't EMAIL me. They just liked leaving MEAN comments. So , all is well, cuz the few gals I really like do email.

    I know we will come home to bare trees at the end of the week. They were losing them fast when we left.
    I am in Lincoln, NE right now. TRYING a new travel routine to see if it works so I can go see my son/grandson eventually. Wish me luck!

    1. The blog is 'open' right now. Hopefully the rude reader doesn't check back anymore.

      Now, YOU BE GOOD there in NE. NO MORE GLUTEN. Oh gee, didn't mean to raise my voice like that but -- somebody's got to ride you now and then. *heh* Be careful and I hope your new routine is working for you. Have fun. :-D


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