Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Turkey-boy is back!

What a delight to glance outside a few moments ago and see that the big male wild turkey has returned to graze on seeds and insects in the Fall beds.

Sorry for the blurry pics - the auto focus was a bit wonky and it's raining to boot.

But otherwise --

How cool is that?  

Now THAT's the kind of wild life I like to see.

Not like 2 days ago when I glanced out and saw EIGHT FREAKING DEER in the yard.



  1. That is very cool. We never see them in the yard. Maybe the barking dog?

    Max took the camera with him this morning (means, of course, now he won't see anything; yesterday got very close to several deer and a groundhog)

    1. The bird wandered all around the house, checked out the nabe's bird feeder then headed back toward the golf course. He's looking good. Wonder why he's all alone.

  2. Hopefully he is there to eat lots of bad bugs! Kind of fun to see him return.

    Eight deer??...wow! Did they do much damage or were they just 'browsing'?

    1. It's nice to see him visit. The pellet gun convinced the herd of deer to move on. And 'browsing' is how they eat. I hate them.


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