Sunday, October 26, 2014

Partial eclipse, etc.

Had another opportunity to watch a celestial event on Thursday: a partial eclipse of the sun.

It was a tricky time - just around sunset so I knew nearby trees would most likely block all the good stuff.

But I threw together another trusty oatmeal box viewer (basically just a pinhole camera) to watch events unfold.

I got to see a bit of it, but the best was lost behind the foliage.  Still, it was fun to sit on the front stoop and be part of the show.

Closer to home (planet-wise), I've been cleaning up the annuals: zins, marigolds, coleus.

The pile is growing and the beds are bare.  I spent hours mowing lawn and rowing shredding leaves yesterday.  *woof*  

Thankfully, there was something hot and savory waiting for me on the stove when I called it quits for the day!  (Check out Chef's page.)

Today or tomorrow I'll go out and bag/drag the leaves to the back and mulch the bare beds.

How about you?  Getting stuff done?  They are STILL predicting snow for 1st weekend of November.  Gaaaaah!


  1. I am not getting anything done outside! Of course, I never rake leaves anyway so haven't lost anything there. I do still need to clean off the garden....may not even get that done.

    Your beds are looking very spiffy.

    1. Thanks! I need the mulch. You have more perennial beds than I do and to leave annual beds uncovered only invites weeds. Also, the soil is really nice in Spring.

  2. I had great intentions of getting the outside done, but ....well still looking bad out there. We did have a long stretch of rain and cold, but have had great sunny days (still pretty cool) but I just can't get motivated. The leaves are still there and I know I will regret it if I don't get out and get them dealt with.
    I have done a 'few' things about the gardens. Many of the plants that need to come in for the winter are gathered on the patio under the overhang, but need to come in. I just hate the thought of struggling them down the steps to the basement.

    On the plus side, the purple mums (new to me this year) are still beautiful and the cosmos are looking fresh and blooming like crazy despite the fact that we have had about four nights of frost over the last several weeks.

    1. P.S. your yard does look really good!

    2. I hear you about hauling stuff to the basement. I'm right in the middle of an argument with myself. I canNOT haul stuff downstairs now and then up again in Spring. I can BUY (*shudder*) new geraniums, salvia, etc. in spring. It KILLs me to do that. But it's gotta be cheaper than falling, etc. I just have to give up each year and still get enjoyment out of my gardens. I'm glad I've gotten up as many leaves as I have. It's near 70 today, but tomorrow the front comes through and it's just a string of 50s and 40s in the 2-3 week forecast.

      I love those purple mums. I used to have so many - until the deer. We had a solid freeze again last night. The fat lady has sung and I'm just cleaning up after her now.

      P.S. Thanks for the compliment! :-D

  3. I've been in a marathon every day after work and on the weekends to get everything done. If we have snow, it's a long way off but there is so much to do before I can mulch.My goal is to be done by Nov. 5. I think I might make it. The eclipse here was a dud.

    1. I'm ran the same marathon - until Tuesday 3:00 pm when the front blew through and temps dropped from near 70 to mid 50s and it hasn't ever rebounded since. Now it's cold, windy, dreary with snow/mix tonight & tomorrow. Thankfully I'm down to leaf work, mowing, and a couple of potted annuals to deal with once they totally croak. I'm sooooo ready to move inside for a few months. Hope you got your stuff done and are ready to enjoy some downtime. We really deserve it to refuel for next season!

  4. It has rained nearly every day for the last month and I have barely started any autumn clearing up. I'm going to be playing catch-up for weeks to come :{


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