Sunday, January 4, 2015

Being good - for now

I'm starting the New Year off right.

I'm going to see how long I can last before opening this lovely gift of chocolates.

In the meantime - lots of healthy eating for now.

(Note to self:  put the candy somewhere OTHER than on the dining room table!  Why tempt fate?)

How about you?  Being good?  ;-D



  1. Your soup looks mighty tasty!
    I'm being good .........for the most part. I have decided to make ONE day a week my "cheat" day. Makes it easy to be good all week. And oddly enough, when I do get to the cheat day (today!), I tend not to be as bad as when I'm constantly sneaking treats.

    Snowing like crazy today---waxing up those skis and hopefully heading out this afternoon for some fun. It's about time. If it's gonna be gloomy and cold--then SNOW, dammit!

    1. 50F here this morning - almost 1.5" rain since yesterday a.m. Big freeze bearing down now - hope we don't get much snow, really liking the 'no shovel' winter so far. Yep, great turkey/veg soup thickening up with steel-cut oats. How healthy is that?! Glad you are doing okay and I know how much you love snow, so ENJOY bigtime! :-D

  2. Kris,we started off warmish yesterday and then it began dropping quickly. Ended up at l7° at dusk.

    The vegetable soup looks delicious. My Sis reminded me of Mom's soup of beef stew meat, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. She and I ad other vegetables to it.
    That may be next for us.

    Yes, we are being good if you don't count the apple tarts!

    1. Falling temps since this a.m. started at 17F now down to 10F. Going into neg numbers this week. Brrrr. Definitely good time for soups! As for those apple tarts, I'm sure they are a healthy food item, right? Right? LOL Boy they look delicious1


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