Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Being - less good

Frigid temps.  Blowing snow.  More lake effect accumulations over the next couple of day.  Nights in the negs.

Brrrr.  So I decided to make up some bean soup.

As usual, I never just dump a bag of beans into a pot.  I sort them for debris, etc.

Good thing.  Look at this bag of "15 bean soup" from Hurst's HamBeens brand.  As you can see, there are little 'somethings' in the mix.  A closeup of the garbonzo beans show they are infested with some kind of eggs.  Yuk!

I've sent off an email to the company and discarded the whole bag of beans.  I'll let you know if they get back to me.   Good thing I had my reading glasses on.  *sigh*

Well, after running off for blood work this morning through unplowed icy streets, then clearing off the driveway, and then the disappointment of the beans,  I admit I've succumbed to temptation.

So sue me.... :-D Thank gods for chocolate!


The Hurst people have replied within 24 hrs of my email, apologized sincerely for the bad batch and are sending me a 'care package' for my trouble.  I'm pleased no end that a company I've bought from for so many years didn't just brush off a valid concern.  More HamBeens in my future for sure. :-D


  1. Oh, I wish I were there. I'd share in the badness with you!
    Can't blame ya for breaking out the chocolates. It's not like you didn't TRY to be good!
    Just don't over-do !
    And gross on the beans. And what a shame--I just love those mixes with all kinds of crazy beans.
    I just defrosted the HUGE freezer and didn't lose track of anything this year. I do have a good stock of ham broth AND a bag of those beans as well. Hmmmm. I think you've given me a great idea for lunch tomorrow.

    1. Wish you were her too! I must point out this is the first time I've seen something like this in a bag of beans (mixed or not). But I included all ID info on the email to the company so they can do something about that bad batch of garbanzos. Meanwhile, I'm going to make up a batch of tomato soup tomorrow. Keep the good time roll! Ham makes ANYTHING better, right? (Like bacon.... ;-D)

  2. Chocolate is always the best solution. I don't know what is going to happen when the homemade fudge runs out and there is nothing. I guess I can go back to Amish bread.

    1. I figure when the chocolates run out, there's always ice cream! LOL Homemade fudge - wowser! Lucky you. Happy New Year, Larry.

  3. You deserve the chocolate for the weather alone! I have never found anything like that in beans but I have found webs in cornmeal and oatmeal before!

    We had hot chocolate with marshmallows this morning.....tasted good in this cold weather.

    1. Radar shows you're getting some snow today, Glenda. Bundle up! I remember (in the 50s) when you had to check your flour, etc for weevils and some kind of moth regularly. You just have to be alert no matter what. I'm thinking a nice fire today (only 4F right now) and hot chocolate too.

  4. Eeeoooowwww - yuk!

    Will be interested to see what the company say. I had a similar problem last year with a bag of Daisy's dried food. The small UK company who made it, who I was trying to support, were quite dismissive. Won't be buying anything more from Eden Pet Foods . . .

    1. Some companies own up to things like this, others don't. Nobody's perfect. Haven't had this prob before so will be looking for a response from Hursts. We vote with our wallets, y'know.


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