Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Game Plan

Maybe it's the snow, the cold, the ice, the crappy TV programming ... I dunno.  But in a moment of cabin fever, I went around the house with a camera and documented the down side of always playing outside and neglecting the inside.

I think a good goal for 2015 is CLEAN OUT THIS PLACE!  There is furniture I don't use (or want), Christmas stuff out the whazoo, books in boxes from when I moved here in 2002!

Use something?  Yep.  Put it away?  Hardly.

It's not that I'm lazy.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that.  It's just that -- things pile up when you get busy.

Looks at this stuff.  Closets need organized.  Years of paperwork needs sorted through.  Old electronics?  Oh, c'mon!  I did leave a lot of stuff go while I was so ill in 2012-2013.  And I'm the first to admit that housecleaning is not my jam.

But for the sake of sanity - and a sense of aesthetics - SOMEthing must be done.

I mean, look.  WHY am I saving all the old windows when I replaced them over the years.  SOMEwhere in my mind was the fantasy of cold frames, a greenhouse, whatever.  Reality check - that's just not going to happen, people.  (Well, maybe the cold frame against the new fence extension, that's still up in the air.)  

That's my problem.  I don't see stuff as 'junk'.  It's all got potential. Trouble is, in my advancing years, aching bod and structural impairments, my imagination is writing checks my body can't cash!  *fume*

And this pic only shows the inside of the house.  Not the breezeway.  Not the garage. And most certainly not inside the shed!

I realize that a lot of this downsize/organize effort is daunting, especially since there will be a lot of heavy lifting, which means I'll have to find someone to do the lifting for me.  I've overextending parts of me and even now, I've got to see an ortho this Friday as my right arm/shoulder is getting so weak, so painful that spreading peanut butter makes it ache.

Anyway -- maybe this is just a brainstorm.   Maybe it will go away and the status quo will return.  But, truthfully, wouldn't it be nice to have it done?  Yep.  DOing it?  Ick.

How about you?  How long before you draw the line on stuff like this?  Any stories?  Advice?  Heavy lifters?  LOL

P.S.  My house does not look like this.  All this stuff is in uncharted territories like the basement, attic, unused bedroom, etc.  The main rooms are spare and uncluttered.  I just want to have the same thing behind the closed doors and drawers.  *heh*

Too bad I live on a private road.  Garage sales are frowned upon as it brings non-resident traffic down a fragile and eroding lane.  There is no parking except in private driveways and on someone's lawn.  And the thought of hauling this stuff to someone else's house for sale (like Mom's), just gives me shudders.  Actually, this is why stuff accumulates.  No annual yard sale purges. I'm of a mind to donate everything to someplace as long as they come and get it.



  1. The great thing about this house is it has absolutely no storage. That's a plus for me, since I'd just fill it.
    My garage stall is horrible, however. It is so full of stuff and I HAVE to get to it before the gardening season begins. All the Christmas crap I just shoved in there, what a disaster.

    I think that, if you don't really need the money, calling Goodwill or Salvation Army and having them load up and haul it away would be the way to go.

    And on a side note, just the relief of getting rid of the excess would make it worth it.

    1. Ironically, while I'm in the mood to sort through years of paperwork upstairs, it's only 50F up there (I don't heat it). When it gets warmer later in the year, I'm outside. Yet another reason things go ka-ka around here... See, it's NOT MY FAULT! :-/

  2. It can drive you crazy and I have found that I just have to keep chipping away at it. I am at the same stage of going crazy over all the windows that I kept behind. I wanted to make a rustic greenhouse out of them and then again I might now move. Oh, well.

    1. Yeah, seeing potential is something is a blessing - and a curse. And there is the throw-away guilt of discarding dwindling resources. Is a puzzle for sure. Keep at it, Larry. At least we are not cavalier about stuff. Keep warm.

  3. Either you've been reading my blog ("Simplify" 21st December) or we've become connected in some metaphysical psychic way!

    I'm in the same boat - when you get busy dealing with big projects, stuff piles up. When you're ill (half of 2013 and all of 2014 was horrid for me), stuff piles up. Getting caught up and cleared out is hard and it takes loads of time.

    Like you, I'll be spending all of this year trying to clear out the clutter. Good luck to us both!

    1. Yep, and I'm allowing for the WHOLE YEAR to do it. It's taken me a decade to get in this boat, no way can I bale out in a couple of months. Good Luck to both of us. We need a psychic support group. We'll all mind meld once a month.... LOL


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