Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beauty before the Beast

It's just gorgeous outside today:  The sun is dancing off our 3" snowfall of yesterday.





And lying through it's icy teeth.  

There's a huge storm rolling down upon us.  A big wet southern storm is making its way north.  A big dip in the polar jet stream is bearing down to the south.  And when they meet up - it's gonna be nothing but trouble.   8-10" of trouble. 

Can't do anything but wait for it.  I'm sure the grocery stores are mobbed today between the coming storm and tomorrow's superbowl sunday parties.  Mom and I are set: food in the 'fridges, furnaces working (check out the current Household Adventures post on the sidebar blog today), books for Mom to read, computers for me to use.

I've also got 2 pots of beans soaking so I can simmer them up tomorrow during the storm.  Nothing is cozier than either a fire or something on the stove during bad weather.  

How about you?  Making any consideration for the storm?  (I mean, have ya checked the radar lately?) Or is just another day for you?

P.S. One nice note - literally.  The past couple weeks I've noticed the start, and increase of birdsong!  Not just the usual winter *chitter cheap* of birds feeding, but real song in the mix too.  Ah, hope Springs eternal.  


  1. Sounds like you're all set for it. I guess at that point you can "enjoy"....or curse, if you're having to shovel it!
    We're not getting a thing. Seems all the snow is SOUTH this year. Drats. And I'd LOVE to have a good snowy day..............

    1. I'm trying to be brave.... LOL. At least you are lucky to have hubby to share your ups and downs with. 5" and I'll blow it. >5" and I'll have to call on my friend. As for your comment on the furnace post, doncha wish ya lived in Ontario where Mike Holmes hangs out. That man is a god! Thor, but not limited to just a hammer!

    2. Well, I certainly wish more businesses were honest and did what they said they'll do. Cripes, I'm so sick of shoddy workmanship. There isn't a damn bit of pride in work anymore.
      You sound like you are VERY independent. I admire that.

    3. Well, you can spin it as being independent, but in reality, I'm just alone and doing what ii can....

  2. Well, we're out of it's reach in terms of snow, but I see a heck of a lot of rain headed our way on the radar. Another good reason to put a pot of beans on the woodstove and settle down with a good book!

    1. Hope you need the rain down there, Leigh. Linus is one lousy mess. Honestly, I'd'a rather had just snow. This rain/sleet/freeze then more snow mix is really nasty. My house smells of savory beans. We'll both just hunker down and see what's what tomorrow. Take care.

  3. We've had a mild winter but I'd love a huge, whopping storm. We are a few years over due. It's supposed to be 50 tomorrow. Oh well... It is what it is.


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