Friday, February 6, 2015

Still here - still COLD

Thur view from Bedroom window
Well, February is moving right along.  I reviewed posts from LAST Jan & Feb and this year is just more of the same.  One snowstorm or polar blast after another.  I'm always out getting snow off the driveway and having someone do Mom's.  We run out for groceries and Rxs and coffee when the drives are clear.  Heck of a winter.

Last Sunday Linus blew through.  Lots of snow (which I hustled out and blew WHILE it was coming down) which then turned to over 1/2" of RAIN - which then froze.  That was a real mess.

While I got the driveway mostly clear, there was a solid 1/2-1" of ice on it, going nowhere.  At least it's smooth.  *sigh*  And it's STILL THERE since nights are around ZERO and days only up to 10F.  So when Wednesday's storm came through, all that ice was covered with another 6+ inches.  And it was a windy storm, so there were drifts in front of the garage.  I hate that.  My blower will NOT do more than 5" deep and a 10" drift is shovel work.  And I'm getting old.

ICE SHEET on driveway under snow
Be that as it may, I'm keeping up with the weather, we're warm and dry and pantries stocked.  I've had to cancel 2 appts with the auto shop.  Once I battled through Linus crap to get there on Monday, only not to have anyone at the shop.  And when I tried to start the car - it wouldn't (which was why I was AT the shop).  I finally started and I had to back out of there in deep ice-crusted snow.  Touch and go.

So I rescheduled for Thursday.  Yep, you guessed it - can't get out of the garage due to the drifting.  I'll try again maybe next week.  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, when I'm not cooking this week, blowing snow, laundry, etc., I did buy myself a newer TracFone for emergency calls.  The old one was from 2008 and a real pain to use.  For $10 (WalMart), I got a bigger (LG) flip phone with bigger screen and bigger buttons.  So for the last 2 days I've been in the rabbit hole figuring out how to use it (few instruction, if any) and what features would benefit me (nada - no weather/news etc apps, just games and ringtones and music forcryingoutloud).  Still for $10 I get 2 months activation and 10 minutes.  I have lots of carry-over minutes.  I've been loading my TracFone with annual cards for 6 years.  And I seldom use the minutes, so I'm over 2500 old minutes and I've yet to add this year's activity/minutes.  It's a really good idea to have an emergency phone for out on the road.

How about you?  Full-deal cell phones?  Or something quick and cheap pay-as-you-go phone like me.  

Stay warm.  Spring is coming....right?  :-D


  1. Congrats on the new phones. We need to do the same thing. Our old trac phone is almost worthless in parts of our house and in our town. You weather looks so much like ours. We have the ice too as the first snow was very wet and it stayed on the ground. Keep up on the keeping up and stay well fed and warm.

    1. The little one on the left is the 7-yr-old, the right is the newbie. This weekend it will warm up, then rain on top of the crusty snow piles. Oh joy. Keep warm, Larry. Think happy thoughts.

  2. I signed up for the Consumer Cellular plan through AARP. For $20 a month, I get 250 minutes.....which I NEVER use. I should have done a trac phone, I guess.
    The phone lives in the truck glovebox....for trips. Which, I haven't taken in FOREVER
    Whine whine whine
    Can you tell I'm getting TIRED of winter?
    Hubby called Bettendorf, IA today to see if they have our FAVORITE pie in
    (They Do)
    Now if the weather cooperates , we'll sneak out for some mischief.
    I never learn
    Glad to see you post. I always worry..............

    1. I like the tracfone - no contract, no monthly fee, no brainer (my kinda tech!).

      Pie???? You bad girl. Hey, if you worry, drop me an email. Time flies and I don't realize sometimes how long between posts. Onions started in the basement. I'll post soon....


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