Saturday, February 14, 2015

Utter futility!

Today's weather forecast was (and even now still is) calling for .7 (POINT seven) inches of snow today. We've gotten SEVEN INCHES already and it's still coming down!  At one point there was a lull when it was about 4" deep, so I hustled out and shoveled off the drive so it wouldn't get too deep.

Shucking off the coat and settling in for some self-congratulatory coffee, I played on the computer for a bit, then glanced outside.

Or, at least TOWARD outside.

Because outside was not to be seen!

White out.  (Honestly, there is a house right across from me in that 4th pic!)

And that went off and one for a couple of hours.  The there was a lull again, but I'm didn't go out.  The pics show 6-7" of NEW snow.

And now, as I type this, it's still coming down!  And the wind is viscious, blowing so hard it's making the living room window whine (bad exterior facing job). 

Weather forcasting?  I want THAT job.  Apparantly there is no accountability and no recriminations when .7" turns into 8-9".

I'll have to go out later with the snowblower. Hopefully snowfall will stop before temps bottom out later on.  Still, as long as it doesn't get drenched with freezing rain like the last couple times.  That was awful.

Yep - really tired of winter.  


I'm ready for lunch.  Check out the food post.


  1. We've had 50 MPH winds all day. I don't know how much snow---it's been blowing all over. I felt so bad for the mail lady---it's total white out conditions , but there she goes, out delivering. What a job.

    It was a fine day for baking, cooking, and a nap. Now I'm off to veg in front of a Netflix. I'm enjoying myself despite the horrid conditions outside, but I do believe all the extra sitting around is GROWING on me, if you catch my drift. Oooof. I need to leave the chocolates alone!

    1. Yeah, in nice weather I used to envy an outside job. But now I have only sympathy for those stalwart mail folks. I stopped the Xmas chocolates 3 weeks ago and have lost 1.5#. *sheesh* That's a lot of candy. My bad. LOL

  2. Seems like just when you're sick and tired of winter it hits you upside the head with the worst it can give. I'm with Sue...I can get used to laying around the house. The forecast this week is just horrid for the South. We're not used to this and they even have us a low of 4 degrees midweek. I've lived here 15+ yrs and never seen it THAT cold. Hope my pipes hold up.

    1. Read your post this morning, Tami. Wow you guys aren't used to that stuff. Glad you had your tape at the ready. Only -6F right now, although the wind's really dropped off and it's bright and sunny. The birds keep looking at me through the windows. Sorry kids, this old lady knows enuf to stay inside on days like this.

  3. It sure looks pretty though. Glad you can be snuggled up inside eating good home-cooked food. I hate you have to venture out and do the drive......We are finally in line for a decent snow......tonight or Monday.

    1. "decent snow"? Don't temp fate else you'll have to live with what we get - truly INDECENT snow! Up to here! And blowing over there! And getting into this and that. Cripes. It was a real blizzard yesterday. Keep warm down there.


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