Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blizzard: Neptune

Yesterday was a wild ride.  Accuweather insisted ALL DAY that we would get .7" of snow - which it then revised later (after 4 hours of snow) to - waaaait for it - .8" of snow.  Good grief.

I shoveled off the initial 4" and then the additional 6+ inches came down during the actual blizzard (winds 45mph+) and blew it everywhere.  Frequent whiteouts, howling winds.

The flashing on the north window in the living room whined like a demented banshee (poor installation) while the plastic film on the inside of the front bay window bellied out like sails on a ship.  At one point the air infiltration from those leaky windows was so powerful that a 2-foot strip of tape popped right off the moulding and outside air poured in. Corners and long lengths were quickly re-enforced with painters tape.  Not pretty, but effective.  I'm going to have to have that bay window replaced.  I'm sure it's costing me a lot of heat loss.

It's much calmer this morning, winds died down and pretty sunny - and bitterly cold.  (-6F).  Tonight it will get even colder.

Just taking a breather, though.  Octavia is heading our way for mid-week.  Cripes.

With the extra snow, the deeper drifts, the bitter cold AND the torn rotator cuff, this gal has wisely chosen to STAY INSIDE like a sane person.  My friend will come tomorrow and dig out my driveway and deck so I can go to an appt. on Tuesday.  Mom will be dug out before her Friday appt.  

This is some winter.  I checked and last year Mom's driveway only needed dug out 5x last winter.  This year it was cleared as early as November and we've had 7 clears since then.  And I see more in the long-range.  *whimper* 

Oh well, we're warm inside, food in the cupboards, books/movies for distraction and blogging buddies for visits.  Could be worse.  Could be in New England.  


  1. Sounds like you have the same windows I do.
    I hate to think what it's going to cost to replace them all. And will it be the same junk (much like everything else nowadays?????)
    But yea, I wonder about the heat I'm wasting. And don't get me started on how much I DESPISE putting up plastic every year. You should hear the cursing......

    1. "putting up plastic every year" - ha! I put this stuff up 2-3 yrs ago and left it up because it made the summer AC work better too. But really, I'm going to have to go all $pendy on this huge window. It's practically falling off the building (was when I moved in 12 years ago - guess it's time to pony up).

  2. Kris, I hope you can replace that window unit before another winter. I am so glad we replaced all our windows several years ago.Our back porch is our bad area for heat loss. We are getting the severe winds and zero weather today and tonight.

    Glad to hear you are still able to get out....we may venture to our local grocery later today.....very low on a few staples.

    1. I've replaced all the other windows in the house since I moved in. The cost of the bay window has given me pause for years, but I'm thinking this is the year to bite the bullet on that. Just back from Dr. appt - snow stopped, but temps dropping and high winds are whipping snow across all the roads now. Brought back a few staples myself. Hope you get out.


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