Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sparta - more of the same, only deeper.

Another weekend, another storm.

Sparta has dropped 5" this morning already and from the looks of this radar - there's gonna be waaaaaay more than the "4-6" they predict we'll get from all this.

Freakin' forecasters.

And, y'know, I really wouldn't mind this - after all, I've got broadband back LOL - but Tue/Wed (Thor) we're supposed to get a warmer storm with lots of rain.  

Now THAT will be a mess..

This snow is dense - I'm pretty sure my snowblower won't lift it.  I may have to rely on others to dig me out this time.  We'll see.  Hey, Spring IS coming.  Right?  RIGHT?? 


90 min later:

Okay, I guess the only thing dense around here is me! LOL  Yep, both of the old gals had some ooomph this morning (the snowblower and I) so we managed to get the first load of snow off the driveway and turnaround during a lull in the action.

Now I can sit, drink tea and get myself around a nice bowl of oatmeal to fortify myself for more outside fun later in the day.

Hope you are all safe and warm and dealing okay with these neverending storms.  Take care.


  1. Well, you just keep that snow down there!!
    We are trying to sneak in a little mini trip to the top of Indiana. Weather forecast looks clear for a change. I NEED to get out for a couple days. Even a homebody needs a day out every 6 months or so-ha ha. That's just the way it feels this winter.
    Don't over-do on the cleanup. Garden season is just about here....and you don't need to mess up your shoulder any worse.
    Have a good day!

    1. Hey, weren't you the one griping about lack of snow up there? Seems somebody has changed her tune! LOL Knew you would comment first and wouldn't see the latest snowblow update. Really, some of these piles of snow could use at least a rope tow or pommel lift. Bring your skiis! Lost mine (cross country and downhill) in the divorce. Well worth it in the end. Hahahaha

    2. LOL! Gawd, you make me laugh.
      And I LOVE snow. Just not NOW.
      I lost a farm in a divorce. And yep---WORTH IT!
      2nd hubby such a huge improvement. Wish I had done it years earlier!
      (Though I guess then I might not be where I am now. Funny how one little thing can change the whole course of one's life)
      Anywho-enough blathering. I'm heading out. Gonna be so nice to hit the open road. Open. As in no snow. Hahahhahahhahaha. Sorry.

  2. We keep having it skirt around us but we still have so much snow on the ground from weeks ago. Your snowstorms in your area seem to want to stay forever and keep repeating the same front.

    1. Yeah, Ohio is right on the railroad tracks this year - and the winter storm trains run through here at least once or more every week. *sigh*

  3. You have had your share of snow this winter! Your rain is supposed to be our ice storm.....we will see how that plays out by tomorrow morning.

    It sure is keeping us down on the farm!


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