Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thor spot

Well, here we go again.  

This one brings very little snow they say, but freezing rain/sleet followed by 10 hours of rain.

I'm afraid that the piles of snow (now above the deck) will drain water into the basement.

Sooooo tired of winter.

I do not like the looks of Thor at all.

Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand ...   ;-D 


Late Wednesday update:

More THOR?   I thought Tuesday was Thor day.  We got 1/2" of rain and temps nearly 40F.  Today (Wednesday) it's hovering around 30F with nothing falling out of the sky.  So I tought I'd look in at the radar this evening and OH MY GOSH!   Looks like Thor was just getting started.  

I'm sure glad there is blue for us.  I'll take a little (JUST a little!) snow as opposed to rain/sleet and the awful ice they're getting south.  

Okay, everbody hunker down -- again.  *sigh*  


  1. I had to Google Chris Hemsworth.
    They downgraded us from 3-5" to 1-3"
    I'll take it!
    Yes---I'm VERY sick of winter.
    Hope you're keeping busy. No problems with that here---I have too many hobbies.
    And I've got a double batch of dinner rolls going. Though I won't eat them, I sure do love the smell. Heaven!

    1. Chris Hemsworth is Thor in the Marvel movies. What-a-hunk! Actually I'm only as busy as need to these days. Nothing hobby-ish either. Just couch spud-ing it. Mostly hunkered down stuff. Let me know when Spring arrives.... Oh, I can only imagine the fragrance of those dinner rolls. Your hubby is one lucky dude.


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