Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nothing falling from the sky!

Newsflash!  For the past 4 days the driveway has stayed cleared!

Nothing is falling out of the sky!

Birds are singing spring songs.

All the icicles have fallen off the gutters which gurgle with meltwater.

The sun, while intermitent, has proved it's existence!

You don't know what it's like to have a weekend NOT outside with a shovel and snowblower!!!


So, being an antsy kinda gal, I've been in the kitchen and the basement.  Check out the sidebar blogs (2 posts in the kitchen, one in the basement).

Hey, it's sunny again.... I better go stand on the deck and stare at something not electronic.  LOL   Hope you are dealing okay on TIME CHANGE DAY.   


Later:  Okay, going outside to stare at something else wasn't quiiiiiiiite as restful as I thought it was going to be.  Instead, equipment, power tools and rope.  Check out the first garden project on the sidebar blog.  LOL  


  1. It hit 41 with sun today. I am in heaven. Still all white and snowy, but wow-that warmth was needed.

    1. Almost hit 40 on my deck yesterday too. Already this morning above freezing and more snow melting from the roof. I'm really liking that there's warmth in the sunshine now. Not liking the time change.... *sigh* Snow pack still 10-12" on the ground (where not piled up). Gonna take some time to melt all that.

    2. Glad to see I'm not the only one that doesn't like the time change. I'm a morning person---I resent being plunged BACK in to the darkness.
      I do NOT need it light late at night!

    3. Well, I have to tell ya, I like it not being dark at 5:00 pm! And, eventually, it'll be light at 5:30 am so what the hey - it'll eventually work to our favor. Hang in there. Rain coming today ("a little rain" they say - but have you checked the radar? *sheesh*). Glad the gutters are almost clear of ice.


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