Sunday, March 15, 2015

The ides of March

Snowbank update : from March 1st to March 15th.

We've had a mild week and 2 rain events (.3" Wed; 1.25" Fri-Sat) and it's really cleared things up snow-wise.

Thank goodness it was warm enough before the rains to allow the gutters and ice-dams to melt before all that water hit the roofs!

It's great to watch the snow recede.  Back on the 8th when I had to tromp back to the shed to get some gear to take care of that frozen downspouts, I was pushing through 10-12" of snow - and those weren't drifts.  Umph!

Amazing how quickly (relatively speaking) all that stuff melted away in the 40+ temps.  Big bonus - we had nights above freezing.

Then we got the big rain Friday and Saturday.  It kept coming down for nearly 24 hours.

It was still raining in the Sat. morning when buddy Dave and I set out for a Hartville run.

We saw lots of flooded farm fields, yards under water, streams over their banks, and snow piles from plowing everywhere.

It was a real mess.

But you can tell people were getting cabin fever, the roads and shops were crowded with folks anxious to get out.

Tomorrow promises temps in the 50s with sunshine!  Woohoo.

Hopefully, soggy lawns aside, I can go out and DO something useful.  If not, I can see some serious time out on the garden swing before we get another cool down starting Tuesday.

Meanwhile, inside, I've been pottering around in the basement with some sowing, and on the 2nd floor getting a start on the year-long "big purge".  The shoulder is not giving me hardly any grief (I'm being good), and Mom is doing fine.

Hope you all are getting out and about after such a looong harsh season.  Watch out for puddles.



  1. Hi Kris
    Just back from a week in Nebraska and catching up on posts. I saw on the Weather Channel that you'd been getting LOTS of the wet stuff.
    It was good to come home and see a lot of the snow melted, but ugh-so hard to get back to freezing temps. 77 and sunshine out west was WAYYYYY better!
    Love seeing the progression of your melting snow. I always mean to take pics like that, but am usually GONE when that happens.

    1. Yep, all gone. Just a couple icy chunks yesterday a.m. Snowing right now, but just a little clipper - should melt off later today.


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