Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not much happening

Just a quick post to let ya know I'm still here.

The weather is all over the map since the 15th:  mildish days, freezing nights, yesterday 1/2" snow, tomorrow thunderstorms.  March - not for wimps.

Been working on & off at this year's major purge project.  How fortuitous that this year the county has teamed up with 2 additional recycle centers that take a plethora of electronics, machinery, broken appliances, tires, etc.  And I also found a secure document shredding company not to far from me.  (I'm going to shred up 35 years of business and banking documents - finally! I'm such  packrat.)

I've been doing some sowing in the basement and that's coming along pretty well (check sidebar blogs).

Just getting off a 2-day migraine today and still feeling a little rocky.  These things are so few and far between since I went gluten-free that I've forgotten some of my usual coping tricks.  LOL  

Today the sun is shining, the wind is cold and the birds are singing.   Hope you are doing well too.


  1. Odd----I had my first migraine in forever yesterday. I often wonder if weather changes don't trigger some of mine. March and November are the big migraine months for me. I'll have as many as 8 in one month. ......then nothing for ages.

    I've been putzing around the house, starting a few things, but not enough to even post about. I think I'm losing my blogging mojo............

    1. That mojo is very elusive after a winter. It'll come back. We're in such weather/season transition it just hides. You're right, spring & fall changes (time change season) can trigger a migraine sometimes. Hope you're feeling better soon.


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