Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring? Spring? Where??

Last week a couple of crocus made a brave show above the frost.

But really, there is little other evidence of Spring.

Only 9F this morning with some new snow yesterday and overnight.  The birds need ice skates at the birdbath and the emerging daffs seem to be clutching a blanket of last years leaves for warmth.

So I've been busy in the kitchen and in the basement so if you don't see many posts on this main page, check out the sidebar blog pages.


Still - there are hopeful signs.

The grackles are back. 


  1. Hi Kris!
    Glad to see you're hanging in there. Still cold up here as well. Yesterday it snowed like crazy and the high was 20. Really--I'm almost to the point of putting Christmas music on. Last night was Minus 1.
    You can keep those grackles. Never been fond of them---I was so glad to move from Hellinois and get away from them. Grackles, starlings---all pests at the feeders.
    Up here, our big pain-in-the neck bird is the Cowbird. No sign of them yet. They are smart to stay away for awhile.
    Hope you have a good weekend

    1. No sign of cowbirds yet, but any day now. The gracks and cows splurge on the feeder for a couple weeks, then they are off eating bugs like their supposed to be. At least the sun is shining today - I'm really getting down from all the gloom we've had. April's gotta be better, right?

  2. and I thought we were having a little cold snap................we were 38°!

    1. 38? Break out the shortsleaves and sunscreen! LOL


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