Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Showers

It's been a rainy month so far.  3 inches since last week and more coming down as we speak.  Was at Mom's yesterday when the first thunderstorm broke loose.  I was in the garage and the water was running all over the floor.

The gutter was clogged!  So, pouring down rain, thunder, lightning, I hustled out a ladder, tried to brace it in the mud at the side of the garage, reached in a removed all the pine needles. Yay!  

Well, no.  All the water rushed into the downspout, then geysered right up from the clogged feed drain.  Oh crap.

So I had to knock off the bottom piece of the downspout, root around in the garage for something to direct the flow out into the lawn and away from the garage.  Found a length of dryer vent, forced that onto the downspout, and got the water flowing away from the garage.

I was soaked to the skin from head to squishy shoes.  

Then the rain stopped.

Yep, my kinda day.

We'll have to clean out that lawn drain.  Which means *I* have to clean it out.  *sigh*

After changing into some of dry duds from Mom, I headed home, feeling good that I got that MacGyver'd up for now.  Especially since another cloudburst on the way home - so heavy cars were pulling off the road due to lack of visibility.

Spring in Ohio.  Not for wimps. We're having a thunderstorm right now as I type!

But it makes us so pleased when something good comes of all this.  Check out the arbor bed this morning.

Hello! Yellow!  :-D


Just checked the radar.  Some yellow is NOT good.  Eeek. It's all heading right for us. Sooooooooooooo glad I got Mom's gutter sorted out!! 


  1. I had to double check the date/time of your post and then one of the radar sites. I didn't realize there was that much "yellow" heading this way.... Looks like we're supposed to start getting it this evening. Yay - more squish. I'm ready for things to dry out.

    Don't know if you've noticed, but we're supposed to be very unlikely to get rain this weekend, but with considerably colder temps, and then back up to the warm wet mess all next week. I need some dry time out in the garden...

    And for the drive in to work this morning, it was really eerie. So foggy, but no rain, so it took me by surprise the few times there must've been lightning off in the distance. The whole sky lit up almost uniformly thanks to the fog spreading the light around.

    Hey, at least you're incredibly handy when it comes to household and yard stuff!

    1. This evening? LOL might want to find a window now, Jeph. It's knocking at the door. We had a storm before dawn and then another around 8:30. I'm liking the warm temps though!

    2. You're not kidding! I'm in Kent right now and I just looked out to see wet sidewalks. Not sure if it's raining at the moment, but it's definitely getting darker and I MIGHT be hearing thunder. And the radar - wow, yeah, it's like there's a big radar blob coming to eat us!

  2. Yes Iowa is sharing all that they can. It has been raining around us or the major parts of the rain clouds are missing us. We need rain and I hope it keeps it up for a while. Yes, I don't like getting out into it.

    1. Here's hoping you catch some rain without all the drama.

  3. We are in Dubuque for a couple days and watched a tornado on the Weather Channel ripping through Illinois. All we had here was super heavy rain, but wow--I forgot about violent storms. We rarely get them up north at home. I guess I won't whine about SNOW IN THE FORECAST TODAY at home. I'd rather have that than those storms.
    Stay dry
    Quack quack!

    1. I've been watching blue radar over Michigan and thought of you, poor thing. We've been very lucky. While we've had some drenching downspours, thunder & lightning, there's been no wind - a blessing. Today it's cleared up, bright, and dropping into maybe low 40s/high 30s tonight. And now we've got the winds. Brrrrr.

  4. Well, it's better than a dry spring! We are in good shape for moisture so far. They have been threatening severe weather for two days for us and we have missed both times with not even a drop of rain! I am not complaining.

    You be very careful putting a wet ladder on soft ground........been there; done that.
    I try to keep a piece of plywood handy for the little step ladder outside the kitchen window.

    The Arbor Bed looks great!

    1. Y'know, when all hell is breaking loose, ya just don't stop and think all the time while trying to put out the problem. Luckily the ladder held and I returned to ground safely. Good idea for you to keep that plywood handy.


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