Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Niiiiiiice long weekend!

Saturday was cool and windy and Nick came and helped me on the inside purge project.  I'm putting up posts of that effort on the HouseHold Adventures sidebar page (2 entries this weekend).  You can read up on that progress over there.  

He was back Sunday and we spent the day outside this time. After all - it was in the 60s !!!  I had managed to pull the mower out of the shed and get that going to help us.  We did some fence work, gathered downed branches and even transplanted a Japanse Maple sapling (posted on the Garden Projects sidebar page.)

I was still on a roll when Monday came.  Talk about a treat!  It got into the 70s!!!! Extremely windy, though with steady 20mph and gusts well into the 30s all day as the cold front approached.

Still, when the temps went up, I opened up every screened door and window in the house to air everything out.  Fresh air everywhere.  Had to brace some of the inside doors because the wind whistling down the hallways would slam doors shut, given the chance.

By late afternoon the house, previously on 66F in the a.m. (furnace heat overnight) had soared to a lovely 76F.  Then I closed all the windows before the front arrived, dropping the temps well into the 50s.  Brrrr.  The house was still 70F this morning (Tuesday).  What a treat to not have the furnace coming on, even if for a day or two.

Meanwhile, outside Monday, I put on the bagger and did a bit of tidy up under the gum trees, fertilized the line of burning bushes, sprinkled Milorganite around the (already chewed) daylily sprouts, pumped up all the tires (wheelbarrow, wagon, mower, etc.) and fixed Mom's trellis (also on the Garden Projects page).

Taxes were submitted.  Woohoo.  

Yep, it was a good weekend.  Well, almost.  Sunday my ears plugged up and I was a bit dizzy.  Monday - my right arm suddenly went numb for a couple minutes.  D^mn!  I thought I was past all this crap.  

So I am ready for a rest.  This morning I took Mom to PT, we had coffee, I'm catching up on the blog, and I think (since it's cool and cloudy now for the rest of the week) I'm going to chill out.... maybe).  LOL

How about you.  Did you get stuff done with that warm day?

And don't forget those sidebar entries. :-D


  1. Hi Kris
    We just got inside from a FULL DAY of working outside and it was sheer heaven.
    We didn't get done as much as you, but for a first day of work, it was great.

    We are only running the furnace for one cycle ---in the morning right now. One of the benefits of a stone house--it will hold that heat all day and night. I just like a blast when I first get up.

    Have a great week

    1. Cool, cloudy, impending showers. Weather turns on a dime around here. You have a good week too! :-D

  2. Kris, I hate hearing that numbness came back....blast!

    I worked out Saturday, took Sunday off and Monday was a shopping day (ugh).

    I love the daffs. Mine are about done. Off to visit the sidebars.

    1. More and more I hate shopping. I don't know how some people can look forward to it so much. Ick.


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