Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pop up storms

 On deck, sipping tea, enjoying a nice morning and planning on getting more yardwork done before this afternoon's long rain moved in.



*drip drip*  Huh?

Then a flash of light, loud thunder and *whammo*  pouring down rain.


I'd checked the radar not 20 minutes ago and Ohio was totally clear with the storm way down by the Ohio River.

More lightning, thunder and the rain was pelting down.  Yow!

I ran inside, pulled up the radar and bang!  Out of nowhere an isolated storm had formed right over Canton!  And it was a doozy!

Within 15 minutes we got a 1/4" of rain.  It blew itself out finally.

I came in to document it and you won't believe it, but ANOTHER storm has materialized and it's pouring down rain - again!  Radar shows this one will march right over us too.  The rest of the state is totally clear!


Imagine how much we'll get from the 'big one' coming? 

Hope your day is dry.

Thankfully, I got all the lawns mowed yesterdy..... :-D


  1. I had that happen the other day---we were totally in the clear, but then an hour later, they showed big rains coming at us. Only, it didn't materialize. I wonder sometimes about their fancy schmancy equipment>!

    We are in southern Michigan for an overnight grocery run. Yea. We're weird. But we saw some great antiques and pretty scenery and that's what we do.
    How's the grocery stores in your neck of the woods??
    LOL! I'm serious. If you have antiques and great groceries, we make a road trip out of it.

    1. There's Lehman's just south of me, Amish country, and outlet stores north. Nothing much else, unless you're into football....

  2. We are in the same type of weather pattern. We get either morning or afternoon showers. not much but makes everything too wet to work out.

    I mowed a tiny bit this morning as I loaded some flower bed debris before giving it up.

    1. Wet wet wet here too all month. Grass is loving it.


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