Wednesday, April 22, 2015

UPS - always disappointing

I've learned NOT to deal with vendors who use UPS for their delivery service.

Most of the time UPS delivers my packages to OTHER houses on my road, not to me.  (Check my complaint record with them.)

Yesterday I did get a delivery.

It was a mess, as you can see.

So, attention vendors.  If you want to sell to me, you have to ship USPS or FedEx.  Otherwise, I'll take my custom elsewhere.

UPS is the pits as far as I'm concerned.

How about you?  Got probs with your delivery service?

P.S.  Contents were pretty much intact.  


  1. I've had pretty good luck with them.
    The one I've had bad luck with was USPS---I've gotten plants from friends that had been opened, the plants PULLED OUT OF THEIR POTS (!!!!) then carelessly tossed back in the SMOOSHED box. Ridiculous. It was as if they played football with it.
    I think every service has bad eggs. It's a shame, and it's not like those drivers are underpaid. Hell, I'd LOVE to earn what they do. There just seems to be a lot of "I don't give a D@#$" attitudes.

    Hope your day is going well. Awoke to find SNOW. It's still snowing. 30 degrees and windchills . April? Har!

    1. I have terrible luck with UPS. Good thing I'm not really an online shopper. Only 34F this morning with cold COLD rain coming down. I see the blue radar up your way. Gonna be cold for at least 5 days down here. Brrr.

      When the guy handed me the package the look on my face said it all. Then I took it from him and shook it. *rattle rustle rattle* I wanted to cry "Mom's clock!", but said nothing. After all, it was only a free back of corn chips as an apology from the manufacturer because of an email to them. UPS didn't serve them very well to regain my patronage, did it?

  2. I order a lot from Amazon and they use UPS. I have had no problems at all with them.
    Now Amazon is spreading their shipping around some, but mostly it is still UPS. I am surprised to hear of all your troubles with them.

    1. My nabe is a mail deliverer and she says the new Amazon contract with USPS has required that Amazon packages must be delivered on Sundays and Holidays so now I see mail trucks 7 days a week on the roads.


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