Friday, April 24, 2015

You call this Spring?

It's a good thing that I've got a lot to do inside these days.

The weather has been a consistent 15-20F cooler than normal this month.

NE Ohio got lake effect snow yesterday (just missed Canton), but we did get some 'corn' snow the day before.

This morning the rhody leaves are curled up against last night's hard freeze.  Only 22F right now this morning as the sun comes up.

Birds are skating on the birdbath this morning.

Meanwhile, I'm working on the purge project and the Mom project.  

Mom is getting some PT to help build up her muscles.  At 90s she's getting pretty frail and has trouble getting up out of chairs, etc.  Our new GP was very concerned with's Mom's weakness and recommended PT at our initial evaluation appointment to establish her as our new family doctor.  Omigosh!  The new doctor is PRO ACTIVE.  We're not used to that!  She immediately wrote Mom an order for PT at which she balked, but I talked her into it.

We're working with the physical therapist that helped me back in 2013 and it's already showing results after 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, the weather shows no sign of improving, so staying inside is a no brainer.  


  1. Yes, we are having more cold days than warm days here. It is going to rain now for a couple of days and still be cold.

  2. Sunshine today!! We've had 3 days of snow in a row--I'm SICK of winter.

    Glad your mom is doing well. Wow-I hope I can do ANYTHING at 90. What an amazing generation that was.


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