Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cold week in May

I had such high hopes of getting plants into ground this past week.  

After all, we've had such a nice seasonably warm month so far, an earlier-than-usual last frost (May 14th) and then mildness all around.

This week really went south, though.  The wind has been relentless from the north, the skies have been gloomy, daytimes temps on several days never got out of the 40s and the nights - well, the thermometer this morning says it all. I've been wearing my heavy clothes, eating hot soup and listening to the furnace run.  *sheesh*

I brought in the plants Tuesday evening and didn't even take them out again until yesterday (Friday) just so I could water them.  

Had to bring them in again last night.  It's been so freaking COLD!  I barely went outside this week except to mow the grass and that was no picnic in that wind.  I did get juuust a bit of a project done, (and a post about a previous one) but I sure didn't enjoy it. (Saturday, however, I had fun - garden project.)

Should be upper 60s here today with 40s tonight.  I think I'll take the kids out today but bring them in again tonight.  After that the forecasts look better for full-time outside again.

Hopefully we'll get some of the rains they promised this weekend.  I look forward to planting out these babies soon.

PT grad - cap & certificate
No plans here for the holiday although Mom will be here for one day for lunch.  She's just graduated her 12 sessions of PT (for weakness).  She's done very well, really enjoyed the workouts, gained strength and flexibility, did her homework exercises regularly, and liked the therapists so much that we've decided to continue with more exercising in the health center there at Mercy.  She'll have access to the equipment she's used to and the therapists she's worked with.  It's taking up a lot of my time, travelling to the center, also helping her with home exercises, but she's doing so well I'd rather give up some things around here to accomodate her.  Still, I wish she'd come live with me.  It would make things so much easier... Oh well.

Remember your loved ones, this Memorial Day.  Hold them close.


  1. Kris-your starts look terrific--so healthy and full.
    And your mom is adorable---glad she's doing so well.
    We've hit 26 degrees three times this week. Almost June? Where??
    Stay warm

    1. Now it's hot. There's no such thing as 'nice' weather anymore. :-( Yep. Plants healthy. Mom healthy. Me? I'm feeling kinda beat up what with yardwork and running around for Mom a lot. I'm tired of being tired. *whine whine* Stay dry.... Here I'm hoping we'll actually get some of the radar heading our way this afternoon - it's bone dry here.


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