Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Side effects

You'll recall that last October friend Craig came and trimmed some trees for me.

The front crab was brought down by at least 1/3 in height and weight.

I got this tree trimmed in 2011 and remember some suckering the next year.

I was NOT prepared for the masses of suckering it's throwing up this year!  Good grief.

The canopy is so thick with suckers very little light is coming through.  No big deal there, but those suckers will weaken the tree.

Not only upstairs, but on the trunk and downstairs around the area is rife with suckers, like deep ground cover.  I'm having to clip like crazy. Que sera sera as they say.  Also of note, the canopy has stretched sideways a bit and is only a short span away from touching the foyer wall.  I like that.  A wide canopy shades the bay window and provides me with visual interest from inside.

Something else happening this spring.  Last year was wet wet wet and I seldom had to water anything until well into July.  This April was a measly 4" and may (thanks to .7" yesterday) has only reached the 3" mark.  Yet things are doing so well!!

I finally took note of the growth a couple days ago when I went out to toss some deer deterent (Milorganite) on vulnerable plants:  Geeze, lookit how thick the daylillies are behind the privacy fence.  And the transplants there too.  *sprinkle sprinkle*  Over in the arbor bed daylillies et al were very vigorous.  The phlox looked really good.  *toss toss*  And wow, look up front.  Those varigated hostas under the rhody are outstanding!  *sprinkle toss*

And really, the new crabapple shade bed.  I only planted that up last spring.  It's filled out like it's been there for years!  *throw*

Up front things are just crazy there too.  I know one of the hosta is bigger because there is no Snow Queen oakleaf hydrangea againt the house anymore (still sad about that).  *toss lots on the hostas, astilbes, sedums, pulmonaria, Japanese painted fern, stormy seas huechera*

Well, there ya go.  Lots of deer deterent all around.  Seems to work well in conjunction with those smelly Bounce dryer sheets.  

Still a real puzzle though why things are doing so well with such a cold May and so little rain.  Oh well, some things are just -- unknowable...***

*** Honestly, I actually didn't figure it out until just yesterday.  What a maroon. DOH!


  1. Glad your deer deterrent is working.
    I'm trying the Plantskyd this year.,....and so far, so good. Of course, I have luck with everything---for awhile, and then, all of a sudden, they decide they don't mind the Irish Spring or the cayenne pepper or whatever. We both need a break from deer damage.
    Your stuff is looking marvelous. Perhaps Ma Nature is being a bit kind after the punishing winter ??
    I lost TONS of perennials this winter, but my lilacs have never been better. I'll call it an even trade-LOL!
    Have a great week, Kris.

    1. Ma Nature has nothing to do with it - in fact she's been withholding rain! No, Milorganite is not a 'deer deterent' product, it is an organic fertilizer - which I've been tossing around by the handful. That's why everything is so lush. Now imagine what it would look like around here if we GOT some rain.

  2. I think the heavy rains really push things. My clematis are taking over trellis's and nearby doors? I hate to hear about the suckering trees. I like trees trimmed one limb at a time back to the trunk instead of topping them but sometimes that isn't possible.

    Good luck with getting them under control again.

    1. We're so dry here, so below average - a tenth here, another tenth there. Nickle and dime water for almost 2 mos. Envy you your generous rains this year. Yeah, hate to top and only do it to the crab else it grows all over the roof.

  3. You are looking so green. It is nice to have the rain to make it all grow abundantly.

    1. I agree, Larry. Wish we were getting some!

  4. Hopefully, more rain will head your way. I'd like some, too. Good luck with keeping the deer away. I've never heard of using Milorganite but if it fertilizes the garden and keeps things looking good, then go for it. :o)

    1. It helps with the deer along with Bounce dryer sheets. Golf courses, etc use Milorganite - doesn't burn anything. Anecdotal data supports deer deterence. I was so focused on the deer thing, I totally overlooked that it was a fertilizer. LOL HOpe you get some rain -- poor Texas. All or nothing down there.


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