Monday, May 11, 2015

May update - 2015

The last post on the Plant Propagation page had me bemoaning the fact that I had started all those annuals way too early.  But now, I'm sooo glad I did!

This May has been as far above average in temps as April was below.  

I brought out the basement starts onto the deck on May 1st, brought them into the sunroom only the 1st 2 nights but since then they've been on the deck 24/7.

And they are flourishing.  Check out the new banner.  There are buds on the Zahara zins.  Marigolds are blooming.  The still-unidentified annuals from last year's seeds are blooming.  The over-wintered geraniums and B&B salvias are thriving (as are the cuttings taken from both).

Tomato & pepper plants are nice and today I'm going to put some cuke seeds into cells to get them going.

There is good potention for frosty/cold nights mid-week so a couple trips to the sunroom will be in order, but otherwise this Spring has been the easiest transition ever from the basement to outside.

I'm looking forward to early plant out of the 3 kinds of zins and the marigolds.  

What I'm REALLY looking foward to is some RAIN.  May has only given us 1/10" so far.  (Michigan is getting all our stuff!)

And all the forecasts for rain all this past weekend has come to naught.  The rain barrels are empty.  We need at least an inch or two for me to fill those barrels.

How about you?  Spring going along as expected?  Or more curves for you?


  1. We have had rain this entire past week. But of course!! I am already behind on getting the garden ready.

    Your starts look so healthy. You'll set a fine dinner for the deer. Sorry. Couldn't resist that one. You know I am in sympathy (and company) with you on that.

    I cannot find the "Starlight Rose" Zahara zins anywhere this year---oh, how I wish I had remembered to order the seed for them!!! My garden will be lacking without them.
    Hope you get your rain. I would gladly share with you. Ma Nature is sure funny on how she doles out the rain!

    1. I've been drooling over the radar this morning, but it's disintegrating in front of my eyes, and what's left is dumping on Michigan...again! Don't bogey that stuff, gal! LOL *sob*

  2. The plants look very good; I don't envy you getting them planted though! We have been having a pretty warm May so far but now we are in a cold snap......maybe blackberry winter. The blackberries are in bloom now. I brought in my peppers and tomatoes last night. It will just be down to 43° but that low temp might stunt them.

    We are behind on rain here but finally got l.5 inches over three days. It doesn't bode well for the growing season.

    1. All that storm stuff over the past 3 days - when it got here all we got was some high wind and .15" of rain. May total only 1/4" so far. We'll be cold tonight and tomorrow (30s) then should be okay to plant out my starts then. I sure hope the rain gauge doesn't go empty for long - already things look needing a good soaker.


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