Sunday, May 10, 2015

We now return....

.... to our regularly scheduled meals.


Found a reasonably priced Sharp carousel (no inverter) at BJs yesterday.

Had warmed up Chinese food for supper.  Happy happy joy joy.


  1. Oh, you and that microwave. How funny!
    Well, glad you found yourself one that will do the job! Enjoy!!

  2. OK! You can now resume your normal what is an 'inverter'?

    1. I found this concise explanation: Typical microwave units (the magnetron) are only able to deliver power. So to run at less than full power, they cycle on and off. You might have noticed the changing sound. An inverter can run at constant low power. Using a basic microwave to defrost meat is like using your regular oven at 475F and putting the meat in it for 15 seconds at a time until it is thawed. I noticed that with the Sharp - on and off. Another thing, inverters are pricey, especially to repair. Panasonic uses them on their products. This time around I'm going smaller and cheaper... After all I do is heat water, make oatmeal and reheat previously cooked food.


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