Friday, June 12, 2015

Deck cleared - and the big reveal!

Well, it seemed to take to get the plants off the deck this year.  It was going slow - until that brainstorm mentioned in the previous post.  Wow, things went fast after that!  (Click HERE for the big reveal!)

With the deck cleared off, the swing bed weeded and under fresh grass clippings, the lawns mowed (for now), I can switch to maintenace mode outside (mostly watering - WE NEED RAIN!!) for a while.

I can also direct my attention to my Mom's neighborhood garage sale on July 10-11.  What a great incentive to dive back in to my purge project.

Filling out the rest of the month - a root canal for me on Monday (oh boy! :-( ), various medical appointments for me and Mom and getting her signed up for Silver Sneakers PT program down at the center.

Yep - no rest for the weary....

How goes YOUR June? 

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  1. I keep hitting one area a day until I get most everything cleaned and weeded. It takes forever when I had not started soon enough. We are getting rain but we need it to stop now.

    1. Actually got .4" yesterday afternoon - and welcome it was! The deep chopped-leaves mulch every Fall really helps keep the weeds down, and makes it easier to pull the persistent ones (especially dandelions). Boy, you sure have been getting a lot of rain. Just as inconvenient as not enough. Hang in there, Larry.

  2. Great-looking deck there; loving the classic and clean vibe it has. Whoever did work on that deck did a real fine job, I must say. And it's also good that you kept plants up there to; would do nicely to cool the surrounds and make it cozier. Thanks for sharing!

    Carl Morton @ Aio Homes


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