Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And this year's OMG award goes to....

The H. F. Young clematis!


Back in early April I saw that the rhody at the corner there wasn't filling in as quickly as I'd like.  I wondered what would happen if I put up a wire trellis from the garage to the driveway in front of the recovering rhody.  Could I coax some of the clematis onto the trellis?

Uh, yeah....!  (For comparison - the 1st pic is all the trellis it ever had before, right at the edge of the garage.)  But talk about turning a corner...

And this is just the first bloom.  It usually blooms again later in summer/early fall.

Yep.  O. M. G.  award for sure.


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  1. It really did achieve wonderful blooms. There are so many and it really does like the trellis. Beautiful

    1. Thanks, Larry. I didn't do anything but provide more trellis No fertilizer or anything. Obviously it really loves that spot and will take over the place if given the chance.

  2. Clematis are funny, they can sulk for years and then- bang! Burst into bloom. Its just gorgeous!

    1. Oh the clemtis has been aces since I planted it. I just always kept it cut back to fit the smaller trellis. Letting it go on this year's big trellis made me realize it's full potential. It IS gorgeous. Thanks for commenting. :-D


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