Saturday, June 20, 2015

Introducing -- SpaRRows

spare :  lean, modest, thifty, concise
rows : an organization of items, usually in a straight line
sparrow : a small, cheerful bird producing many offspring

SpaRRows = enclosed container garden for veg, herbs & flowers 

This year I am seriously downsizing.  The purge project for one.  And now - veg gardening.

In 2012 the deer chased me out of the veg bed back by the shed.  For 2 years I grew veg in front of the privacy fence.  I didn't enjoy the massive amounts of deer netting that kept ME from getting at the plants.  I wanted that fence bed for perennials, shrubs and ornamental trees.  I wanted out!  But what to do?  

It started with my building a Rolling Cart (< click for that post).
Then the initial effort Brainstorm (< click for that post).
After that one thing led to another and SpaRRows (< click to view the several posts describing details) was created.

I'm truly enchanted with this turn of events.  I've spent little $$, mostly recycling things I had or gotten cheaply.  Not one ounce of harvest has been collected at this point, but the deep satisfaction I get every time I sit on the deck with all of SpaRRows greening up before me is priceless.

For further SpaRRow updates, keep checking the sidebar "Vegetable" blog.

Meanwhile, I'm as cheerful as a bird while the deer can go pound salt!

=============  July 2 update

Aw, c'mon.  Somebody say something about my new project. LOL  All my current posting are going to the sidebar blogs these days since I'm outside so much.  Check 'em out.


  1. I'm so glad you found a way to outsmart the deer. Woo hoo!!

    1. Not only that, I'm really enjoying all the greenery right off the deck - convenient AND cosy. Also my anxiety level is way down because of it (not always stressing about deer). I'm letting go of some of the outlyiing beds too and bringing the party up to the house. Looking forward to what kind of harvest spaRRows will provide. Thanks for stopping by, Tammy. :-D


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