Saturday, June 6, 2015

The new Queen

After looking high and low locally for a year, I finally found a suitable, healthy looking, reasonably priced Snow Queen oak leaf hydrangea to replace my loss in the front bed last year.

The new plant has been in place for over a week and is acclimating to her new digs.  I'm hoping the local plant populace is happy with their new monarch.

I know I sure am.  Long live the queen!


In other exciting news, pop over to the Vegetable Page (<=click) sidebar blog.  Some really fun stuff going on this year.   

And household fun in the basement.


  1. You've got a lot going on.
    And here I am feeling bad because I feel I can't even keep up with blogging anymore and you're posting all over the place. I am one disorganized person.
    Love your cart---I envy your ability to look at something and imagine something else completely. I cannot do that. Wish I could!

    1. Entering stuff helps me keep track of when I did what and sometimes helpful followups. It's my online house diary with some personal crap thrown in for good measure. LOL I tried doing everything on one blog, but my system's analyst brain insists on sorting stuff - because then it's easier to find.

      One of the reasons I have to have a 'purge' this year is because I pack so much away because " I'll be able to use that in a project someday." *sigh*

  2. It is a perfect specimen. I hope it blooms for you this year.

    1. I chose this one because it has 4 nice panticles to bloom this year. It's doing very well.


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