Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tom (the tomato toad)

While working on a new project (to be posted on the garden projects page soon) I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye.

There was a toad using a nest of tomato cages stored against the front deck planter to climb up onto the planter.  

From there he/she (very deliberately, as if this was something established) walked over to the base of the plant in the first pot, turned around, backed up against the stem and proceeded to use hind legs to dig into the soft soil beneath the leaf mulch.

In a minute all you could see were its eyes.

Wonder why the high-rise real estate?  After all, the bird bath bed is a vast space (to a toad) of soft soil and leaf mulch.  Maybe this cold May/June hasn't warmed up the ground yet and the big pots are warmer/drier/ better view? 

Toads.  Gotta love 'em.

Wonder what's going to happen when I use the nested cages on veg plants?  Hmmmm.

====== Update =====  
Toad still in the pot this morning.  Blinked at me. 

Meanwhile, I've put up a post on the flower page with updates on recent activity.  Check it out.  


  1. Ha--I love those guys. Sometimes I get a "shock" when one pops out of my pots unexpectedly. We also have a tree frog that is in a bird house we have mounted on a 4x4 post. Always nice surprises.
    Hope all is well your way. I am still planting planting planting. I'm literally sick of it.
    Will be glad when I can kick back and enjoy it........unless the deer have other ideas.............

    1. I remember a drought in late 80s and I was ALWAYS disturbing toads that had burrowed into pots that were watered. Only place the soil was soft enough for them to dig into to sleep. Yeah, deer...... Doing a lot of planting, end is in site. Well, always planting, but the big crush is about over. Hang in there.

  2. Your tomatoes are larger than mine. I just put my cages on my tomatoes and I am short 6 of them. I will watch for sales. I like the toad and he is a large one.

    1. I start my tomatoes in the basement in April so they are a good size when I plant them out. I end up having too many! LOL I like toads a lot - garden wouldn't be as much fun without them.

  3. I have to admit that toads are ugly but fascinating, LOL

    1. And oh so important in the garden for bug control. Hope you have many.

  4. I keep turning up a large almost black toad. I worry I will either hit him with the hoe or till him up. so far he has escaped me.

    The tomatoes look good.


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