Monday, August 31, 2015


Between Saturday afternoon through Sunday night we got a total of .6" of much needed rain.

Yippee!   I managed to collect 1.5 barrels of rainwater off the garage.  Talk about treasure!

It's really a pittance, though.  Even with the .6" we've only gotten a total of .8" all month.  Pretty toasted around here. Thankfully we've had some pretty cool nights and some very overcast days.  There was a 3-4 day span when it never got more than 60F during the day! Honestly, the house got down to 66F one night and I quickly made sure the furnace wouldn't come on.  Brrr.

Only good side - the grass has gone dormant so I'm not having to mow except every couple of weeks.  Sure has helped my bad elbow get better - not having to pull on the shift stick on the Snapper all the time.

And look, back in the swing bed.  Those transplanted, then trampled down, then regrown Black & Blue salvias are in bloom.  Wow.  I had no idea they were that tough.  Let's see if they can make it over winter.  I'll cut them back later and mulch heavily.

The cukes are making a comeback.  Post on the Veg Page.


  1. I'm so happy you've gotten some rain for your barrels.
    I took mine down today. The veg garden is pretty much done, and the flower beds will tough it out. We've had pretty steady rains the past two weeks and with frost coming up in about 10 days, I'm not worried about them.
    Now if I could just get ONE tomato to ripen, I'd call the year a success!

    1. Oh I ache for you not having any ripe tomtoes this year. How about a little hoop house for earlier spring plant and a miss for the 1st couple of frosts? Have you ever tried Sub-artic plenty? They get about 3-4oz and early ripen, prolific set and cold(er) hardy. I used to grow them a lot (10-15 years ago) before the weather started getting so warm. Mid-Sept frost? Oh my heart.

  2. Glad you got the rain. We are still very lush and green here; a record for us.

    You can dig up a start from your Black and Blue very easily for new plants next spring.
    I hope yours winters over for you.

    1. I'm going to do what I did last year - clip ends and root them over winter. The hummer so enjoy these things and the color is outstanding. Still hoping for more rain here.....

  3. Lovely garden!
    Here in San Diego, we are thirsty. Our rain barrel is dry. Keep lovely garden photos coming!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Susan. More pics okay. Keep lovely comments coming! :-D


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