Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ring bed perimeter nearly empty

More and more there is less and less on the bee ring bed perimeter.

The view from the house is much more pleasant, tidy and gives a better view of the tall zins in the back bins.

Click the pic for the full story.


  1. And I'm LOVING that header photo collage. My, I'd love to "graze" at your counter!!
    Rain rain rain this killed any plans to work outside.
    Do you need some? I'll send it your way!

    1. Rain? Hmmm.... lemme look that up ... OH! Water that falls from the sky. None of that here. SEND SOME!! :-D Hot HOt HOT here - and humid. Whew. Just came in from working in shade back at shed and I'm positively dripping. *pant* In for the afternoon. Hope you warm up and dry out. Keep your chin up (you'll swallow less water....*glub*). ;-D


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