Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tidying up

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Cooler morning temps and shady conditions back by the golf course allowed me to do a nice tidy up the back bins.  I consolidated the screened compost into 1 container and the topsoil into another.  Then I weeded between the wooden bins. Really shows off the flowers now.

The State Fair zins have just been spectacular this season, even with weeks and weeks without rain.  I started them from saved seeds and they did even better than the original plants last year.  The blooms are very large, saturated colors and sturdy stems.  

I found that growing them in front of or (even through in the case of the butternut squash vines) that they show great with extra background foliage.  

I'm starting to cut down some perennials, but no zeal to the effort yet.  The weather is really nice - an old fashioned September with blue skies, cool nights, clear air.  We're promised another cool bright week so will postpone any major work a little later.  

I tried to pull out veg plants, but same thing happened.  Check out the Veg Page post or click this pic ==>

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