Friday, October 2, 2015

Catching up

Early morning visitors October 1
Sorry for the quiet, but I've been busy and now I'm down with the flu.  Should have gotten the shot a couple weeks ago but I let it slide.  Now I have to get well before I can get this year's shot.  

Before I got sick, though, I was a busy gal.  The plant purge progresses with only 1 more plant (a Pink Delight butterfly bush) to come out of the ring bed.  I dug out asters, caryopteris and 4 unknown shrubs.  I also dug up 2 petite wigelia and potted them up for next year.  I cut down all the perennials in the arbor bed.

Though I've been going to the yardwaste depot regularly with removed perennials, there is no dearth of wonderful color close to the house.  

Then I shut down the veg for the year.  CLICK HERE for post.

After that, I had some fun sealing stuff with TWP.  CLICK HERE and HERE for those posts.

Thankfully all this got done before the temps plummeted and 12 hours of rain dropped 1.5" of cold water.  Brrr. 

But I think I overdid it, got run down and right now I'm really under the weather and want only couch, tea, and ibuprofen.  It's barely 50F outside, blustery NE winds, thick clouds and I'm glad I'm inside.  Thankfully there are lovely colors right off the deck to brighten such a dull day.

More soon *cough sniffle* when I'm back up to speed.

(Needed some soup therapy - check out Chef's page HERE.)

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  1. Your photos are great. Whatever I had was about two weeks long and I feel happy to now be alive again. I am almost done coughing so anything I can get done outside seems like a joy. Take care. Your photos, especially the turkey ones are neat.


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