Saturday, October 17, 2015

First freeze - 2015

After seeing frost Thursday a.m. I wasn't taking any chances with my main geraniums and potted mums.

I know from long experience that whatever they forecast, it will be at least 5 degrees colder here.

It was supposed to be 40 last night, but I still covered the geraniums (which can take some light frost/freeze, but why chance it?) and my potted-up mums.

The deck mums where just cuddled up between a chair and the breezeway.

My hunch was right.

It froze this morning.

While the deck was wet from an evening sprinkle, the drops on the tarp off the deck were frozen.

There were fingers of ice in a puddle there too.  All the covers on the potted mums, wet from the sprinkle, were frozen into shape.

The birdbath had a lot more water so it didn't freeze at all, so temps hadn't hung around at 32F more than briefly.

Yep - bet I'll be pulling out a lot more annuals after this weekend.  They predict 20s Sunday night.  That should settle the "should I leave it or pull it?" issue for sure. This'll also kick-start the leaf turn/drop with the hard freeze.  Thankfully there are milder days coming.  I don't like yardwork during harsh weather if I can avoid it.

OMG! Just looked at this morning's radar.  BLUE!  Snow in the region.  Was NOT ready to see that....

Really cold and windy so made a pot of soup.  Check it out. CLICK HERE.

============== Sunday a.m. 29F 
============== Monday a.m. 25F


  1. I keep frost yet for us. Brrrrrr. Snow? Egads.

    1. Hey, saw some snowflakes Sunday morning (28F). Not many, but really the earliest I remember seeing them.


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