Monday, October 19, 2015

Killing frost/freeze

Boy the fat lady was singing last night for sure, bringing down the curtain - hard! - on the growing season.

It was 24F this morning and the everything was white was a thick frost.  The birdbath was frozen solid.

The annuals that I left for color are going to be dead when they defrost.

I am hopeful about the frozen geranium in the 3rd line pic - those guys can take some frost.

The marigolds were had thick silver edging all that gold and beautiful.

The potted salvia, petunias and zins are not going to get out of this alive.

Meanwhile the weeds/grass look lovely in their white coat.

Brilliant sun right now, and it's supposed to get into the high 50s today with 60s this week.

Nice weather for clening up the dead.  *sigh*

Yesterday's icy cold kept me in the kitchen again.

Great success!  And great failure.  Read all about it HERE.


  1. You sure did get hit hard. We are missing it for a while even though half out state did get a freeze, the eastern side. I know it is going to be soon but today we had warm weather. It is that second and third day when things get really sad looking.

    1. Yep, 3 nights in a row, each one colder than the last. A lot can take one night then have nice days, but 3 in a row is hard. Hope you're taking good advantage of those nice days.

  2. Wow! That was a killing freeze. We are still waiting for ours.

    At least the outside work is done.Now you can enjoy those soups from the garden and the cozy fires.

    1. LOL You are so funny, Glenda. "At least the outside work is done." The leaves are just starting to turn so there will be mowing and mulching well into November. All the lawn/deck furniture needs stowed away, rest of the annuals pulled, lots of perennials cut down, gutters to screen, snowblower to fix, etc etc.... But it is nice to have soup ready to go when I come in.

  3. No frost here yet, but our weather folk are threatening us with as low as -4C in the next week. Oh goody . . . .


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