Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last of the annuals pulled

With 3 progressively colder nights and hard freeze, all of the annuals I didn't pull last week were all killed.  So were Mom's so after her PT yesterday I pulled all her tall zins and took them to the yardwaste depot.  Then I came home and had at mine.

I had no idea how many were left.  All the huge State Fair zins back by the golf course, the rhubarb was a limp mess, the marigolds tucked hither and yon, the zins in pots up by the deck, the salvias and petunias, even that sorry frozen geranium had to go.

It was another huge pile and I had to break it into 2 loads.  The first one was so stuffed that the rhubarb had to ride shotgun.

While cleaning up the back beds, I saw that the deer had eaten down all the wild asters, the comfrey and the red mum.  They also ate the single mantauk daisy flower on the transplant.  I HATE DEER!!!

Anyway, after the zins and marigolds were pulled from the driveway pots, I took and planted up the 2 deck mums there for more color.

Then I took the precaution of netting ALL my potted mums, even the one in the arbor bed, against the deer.

By using dark (black/brown) netting, most of the bloom color shows through clearly enough to enjoy.  When the temps drop again, I can just float some row cover over them for protection.

Starting to look a kinda dull in the gardens now.  Thankfully I've been adding more 'bones' over time and the structures/ landscaping is pleasant to look at.

The hard freeze really turned the tide on the tree leaves and all are showing changes in color/texture.  And so I'll be drifting into leaf/ mulch mode soon.  As long as there are mild days, no probs.  Well, as long as my back, shoulder, ankle, elbow, etc hold out.  I tell ya, if there is something I can injure, I find a way to hurt it.  LOL

Why don't I just collect stamps or something tame like that??   (yeah, riiiiiight)



  1. Collect stamps? Ha. Good one!
    Stamp collecting doesn't involve any of the fun challenge of battling deer. You'd be bored silly. Oh, they might try to lick all your stamps, but really, what's the fun of that??
    Oh, you are certainly making me miss outdoor time. This is my FAVORITE time of year and I'm stuck on the inside looking out. Hey, maybe I should collect stamps?
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kris

    1. You'll note I'm actually UP. That's as far as it's gotten. Back to the Dr today.

    2. I'm sorry your missing all the 'fun' this time of year. You really must have it bad. Respitory or intestinal or both? Wish I was there to fix soup or bring in leaves for you to play in. Take care. Make that doctor DO something for you. Get well soon. Stamps. *sheesh* *heh*

  2. You're well ahead of me, I have barely started on clearing up.


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