Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2015 gardening season - done

And there we have it, folks.  The end of the 2015 growing season.

Yesterday was still mild and dry (that massive system is still to the west of us as of this morning).

After a morning of Mom's PT etc., I came home with the thought of maybe just putting the mower away and having my friend do a final mow next week.

But I had the gas.  The time.  The weather....  I was off.

About 3.5 hrs later - the deck is cleared (bistro set going into breezeway today), the back lawns are mowed, the front lawns are mowed (and last leaves bagged for mulch, even swiped some of the good nabe's!), the Snapper has been blown clean and dry and stored back in the shed while the battery is in the basement hooked up to the float charger for the winter.


Today, maybe even tomorrow will be in the 50s.  After that - 40s & 30s.  Brrr.

About the only thing left to do outside-wise is the sno-blower.  The new fuel line is leaking where the old one did.  I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the nipple connection to the carburator.  Thankfully mild temps will encourage me to pull off the cowl and work on it today or tomorrow.

Otherwise, it's been a pretty darn good gardening season.  

Downsizing: The ring bed is no more.  The stump bed is no more.  

The arbor bed has been given a 2nd chance. The swing bed is coming along. SpaRRows (the container veg patch) worked wonderfully!  

Oh there were upsets: deer damage (eating plants and thrashing my hemlocks again this year!); groundhog, chipmunks everywhere.

Cool stuff: 4 turkeys frequenting Dogpatch (the 'wild' area behind the golf course pines). New shrubs and trees were installed this season and fingers crossed they'll make it through winter.

Only blooms left this late are the potted mums.  They've had several freezes so far.  I'm leaving them -- want to see just how long they hang on.  I'm really enjoying the color. 

Bottom line, I'm ready to go inside for a couple of months although you'll still find me on the deck on really mild days or at least in the sunroom.  It's physically and emotionally hard on me to stay inside - I'm all about outside.  (No, really!  I've already started a list for next Spring. LOL)

Stay tuned.


  1. You do have it all spiffed up and read for the cold. I am not ready to feel winters snow and breezes but we just have to put up with it. Your mums are still showing off some color.

    1. Such high winds lately - branches down. Darn. Mower in the shed so will have to walk about picking them all up. Yeah, they sure are pretty, aren't they?

  2. Hubby and I NEVER miss a day outside. We walked every day last winter---and it was a brutally cold season. I've been stuck inside for a month---I'm looking so forward to the walks starting again (once the hunters have gone away....)
    Your place looks just like a park. Beautiful! You should feel pretty amazing about taking care of a "spread" that size.
    Have a good winter's rest. Can't wait to hear of next year's plans.

    1. Being outside sure feels good, doesn't it? Even if you just stand there. Hope the hunters take down all those deer for you. Thanks, it takes some work, but worth it while I can do it. Rest? Um, uh, sure. Rest. I'm sure I'll sneak some in there. LOL

  3. Doesn't it feel good! You are a tidy person.......Get that snow blower going; you may need it sooner rather than later.

    1. Tidy? More like a touch of OCD. LOL. Sno blower line isn't leaking. Oily residue on the 13-yr-old engine kinda seeping. Might need a new gasket - but not this year. Looks like some snowflakes this weekend. And cold. Brrr.


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