Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stump bed - no more

The stump bed is no more.

The continued mild weather (last year we'd had 7" of snow by now!) has me pushing myself in the Fall gardens. 

I'm not just doing the usual clean up stuff.  Nooo. I'm indulging in what I call 'bonus round' stuff: planting shrubs, cutting down dead, reorganizing, etc.

Load after load of trimmings, tree limbs, roots have gone outta here this season.

And now this.  The stump bed.  
Previously I'd purged all the plants there.

Yesterday we took out the stump, filled in the hole, and covered the dirt with shredded leaves.

But fear not. That space will not be turned into lawn.

Click the pic for the full story. 

As for me ... there's a another mild week ahead.  Wonder what kind of trouble I'll get into.  Stay tuned.
Later that day - I didn't even wait until tomorrow to get into more trouble.  CLICK HERE. 

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