Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Too busy to blog - Fall cleanup catchup

It's been non-stop busy around here. The mild weather was suductive and I seldom came inside.

Too busy to grocery shop.  Too busy to eat sensibly.  Too busy to blog.


But it's finally winding down and I can catch my breath!

I've been cutting, trimming, mowing, bagging leaves, potting up winter keepers for the basement, cleaning gutters, putting furniture, etc away in the shed, still finding time to push the household purge (CLICK HERE) along and still keep up Mom's PT at least 2ce a week as well as her errands.

Yep.  My days were about as long and tangental as that last sentence.  

I pulled up all the geraniums from their pots (then emptied/ stowed those pots under the fence bench) into smaller pots for wintering over in the basement along with the 3 B&B salvias that spent the summer on deck

I'm short of leaves this year - so much so that I only resorted to outside help once this season; to bag up the front lawn after the pitiful ash drop and the normal hickory drop.  

Between the front lawn and all the mowing/bagging I've been doing all along, there were enough leaves to do the swing bed, the crab bed, the little crab bed, the privacy fence bed and a few bags in the leaf bin.  I still need more for the viburnums against part of the golf course bed (CLICK HERE for details), the birdbath bed, the compost bins and the front of the garage area.  My friend who did my lawn will be doing a nabe's lawn this coming Saturday and I'll be getting all those bags of leaves for over here.

I have figured out how to take care of the spaRRows container for the winter.  Those on the cart and on the carpet were moved in front of the border wall and covered with the glider (RIP) cover.  Those pots near the birdbath have been capped with inverted pots to keep out squirrels and provide support for the snow that will be shoveled off the deck this winter.  The cart was quickly disassembled and stowed away in the garage.

Meanwhile the deck is getting more and more sparse every day. All those plants (and the bench) there in the last pic are not there now.  I figure by the end of this week the deck may well be empty, just in time for me to go inside and enjoy a good long rest on my Friday birthday.

Meanwhile, still more garden purge going on ... more on that soon.  


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Wow-you have been busy. I love the "tidiness" of everything at the end of the season. I did manage to get one day of work out in my vegetable garden a couple days I didn't miss the entire fall. I'm so happy about that.
    Well, enjoy your day tomorrow. Looks like we're in for snow. I look forward to a day in the kitchen brewing up something warm.

    1. Thanks, Sue. :-D

      So glad you got some outside time this Fall after all. Taking Mom to PT today, then some housecleaning. Life sure is exciting at this age. *snark*

      Check out the other pages for 'the whole story' on the CLICK HERE links.

  2. Well Done! Now maybe you can rest.

    1. With this nice weather? I doubt it. Check newer post. LOL


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