Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Again, which pic doesn't belong?

2015 Christmas tree in window
Anybody else as confused as I am this December?  I'm getting some mixed signals.

Sure is hard to feel even a little bit Christmasy this year.  Supposed to hit 60s by Thursday.  Good grief!

I'm glad we're past the solstice, though.  The short days and long nights are not my fave time of year.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking I didn't have to spend the time and $$ to get the snowblower fixed in November. LOL

Hope you are all feeling more seasonal wherever you are.  

Merry Christmas (or P.C = Happy Holidays)

Brilliant sunshine after 1.35" of warm rain overnight - balmy breezes -
lush green grass, daff shoots 5-6" high

Flock of robins feasting on crabapples - temps in the mid-50s


  1. Hi Kris
    As you well know, we're having that same problem even up here. Today's highs in the mid 50's with high winds. Merry Christmas indeed. Bah!
    I chuckled yesterday thinking about the Solstice---it was THE gloomiest day of the season thus far-my outdoor Christmas lights were on most of the day (dusk setting on the timer). It was truly a dark dark day thanks to the weather. But it was a great day to start work on the shelf unit that holds my seed starting operation. I'm rearranging the shelves to different heights more in tune to what I need and adding another shelf of lights. I'm REALLY gonna do up the plantings this year (we are staying HOME this year ALL year!). Gonna give those deer a TON of food--LOL!
    I can't wish ya snow with those temps , but may your DREAMS be filled with it!
    Merry Christmas, Kris

    1. Yeah, same here. The Solstice was dark dark dark. Wow, have ya seen the radar? More rain south heading north. Well, at least it doesn't need shoveled.

      Got a few greens started in the basement. The gerries are blooming. I'm lucky that my lights are on chains and adjustable for the situation. A stay-at-home-year? I'm so happy for you, I know you're going to have fun feeding deer all season long. *snark* Spring is coming (after the May & June snow we didn't get this winter. hahahaha Merry Christmas, Sue

  2. The tomato seeds arrived! Thank you so much. I have high hopes they will be THE paste tomato. :)

    We've had amazingly warm weather too, in the low 70s for the past couple of days and with way too much rain.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Wishing you a lovely New Year too.

    1. Glad you got them! Email with pic off to you....


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