Sunday, December 13, 2015

Which pic doesn't belong?

Talk about your mixed signals!  Crazy, huh?

So much crazy that I've been gardening this weekend.  Check it out:

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Monday:  OK OK, no matter what I said on the Flower Page, I DID find something to do today.  So sue me!

The 2nd sweet gum tree finally decided to drop its leaves and made quite a mess all around the swing garden and lawn.

But the mower/bagger were stored away in the shed, safe from this bitter howling winter weather.  *snark*

So I went old school.  Got a rake.  LOL

Luckily I had a place needing some leaf mulch so I used a tarp and dragged 2 loads to dump under the blue spruce in front.

Bingo bango bongo.  Swing bed and environs looking tidy and the spruce roots are now protected from the aforementioned bitter cold winter weather. hahahahahaha

(Oops, getting a little wackadoo here - I blame climate change!)


  1. I had a VIOLET up and blooming yesterday and was watching a moth out my picture window. I hate this. I moved to Michigan for the snow. Instead, I got close to 2 inches of rain. Do you know how much snow that would be---IF it would be temps like it's supposed to be???????

    Now that I got my $itching out of the way---Hi Kris!!

    1. Oh yeah, violets here too and myrtle. Saw that one of the dwarf lilacs have GREEN buds. Dang. Not good so early. Flip side, ground nice and soft for planting daffs. It's like April outside. Go ahead and vent. I'm listening...... ;-D


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