Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bitter, better, brighter

Brrrrr.  A bitter -5F this morning with a heavy frost.  We got another 2-3" yesterday of the white stuff so there wasn't much wind (only 5F at the time) I made the effort to fire up the sno-thrower and had at it.  Unfortunately the scraper blade tore within minutes so I had to cut off the broken section before I could finish the job.  I'll have to order a new blade PDQ.

I've been brushing/shoveling the deck right along, but am not rabid about it.  I'm feeling much better but I'm still gunshy about my various joint damage and recent health issues.  Easy does it.  It's a nice view from the deck ... all that snow ... all those deer tracks.  *sigh*

Knowing that we were going to have the coldest weather of the year this past week, I knew I had to finally put plastic up on the kitchen window.  But darn, I didn't have any of the double-sided tape on hand.  Oh well.  It's the results that count, right?  Masking tape to the rescue! Pretty it ain't, but the kitchen IS much warmer... LOL

Meanwhile, on this bright bitter day, there is hope for Spring!  This morning, while lounging in my comfy chair with my mug of tea, I noticed that the sunrise has finally escaped the dining room today and a shaft of light lit up the living room wall.  Now THAT is MY 'stonehenge'.  When the morning sun is far enough north to light up the living room, then better weather days are ahead.  Yay.


  1. I hate having to "plastic up" my windows, but until the Money Fairy (or is it Window Fairy?) shows up with $10K, plastic it is! I'd hate to think how high the heating bill would be without it. The stuff literally "POOFS" when it's windy.

    The days have really been lengthening, haven't they? I'm loving it, though as a morning person (REALLY EARLY!) , I wish it would add light at the beginning of the day. Maybe I should make my own clock adjustments? Ha!

    1. The kitchen window doesn't billow, but it steams up from cooking, dishwashing, etc. The big front bay window, however, looks like some kind of huge jellyfish pulsing with every breeze. *sheesh*

      Yeah, liking the longer daylight!!


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