Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lake effect

We've been getting some snow showers on and off since Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I swept/shoveled the deck 4X.  I only let a couple inches land before I'm on it, else it gets too deep and too heavy to lift.

After one clean yesterday afternoon, we got walloped.

The sky dropped 3" of snow in 15 minutes.


I called it quits then and waited until this morning to sweep the deck again.

With the current and even lower frigid temps into the weekend, the snow isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I'm pacing myself.

Meanwhile, on the stove:



  1. Wow, Kris. That is a snow. We are having cold temps but no precip, thankfully. Off to check the kitchen area.

    1. Been doing some cooking, but just more of the same - another pizza try (fail), soup (never fail), brownies (mix + additions = success). Really REALLY cold this weekend - windchills -20s Brrrr.

  2. I especially like the photo with your garden arch. So nice to have "structure" to provide winter interest. I need to work on that in my yard.
    I have always LOVED lake effect snow---from the comfort of my picture window--not on the road! Glad you shoveled the smart way-bit by bit. Stay warm and safe and happy "hunkering". I know my soup pot will be busy today!

    1. It's why I planted the crabapples and made that bed right off the driveway, why I put an arbor in the flower bed, why I bought the arch at a garage sale. The secret is: get something hard (bench/fence/arbor), put it somewhere, then start cuddling it up with plants, pavers, borders. That hard stuff is like putting a pin in a map - then the town springs up.

    2. Ah, but the difficulty lies in where to put that piece.
      My yard is HUGE. Everything looks "wrong" when I put it out there. My sidewalk helped with the borders, but I have so much trouble starting in a huge blank spot. And yet, I see all these terrific gardens out there and they all had to start SOMEWHERE. ARGH. I am my own worst enemby. You'll need to come up here and plop a bench down somewhere so I can start.

    3. Enemby?? I think that was ENEMY. More coffee, please.....

    4. Enemby? LOL Maybe less coffee. *snicker* My back yard was 1 acre. Empty. Try this: Get a bench. Put it here and there until you find a lovely view from it. Make it so that you WANT to go there and sit and see that view. You're on your way....


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