Friday, February 26, 2016

Petros - bipolar winter storm

Not much happening around here, accept for weather.

And we've been getting it all: rain, snow, wind, sun, bitter cold, bright sun, blue skies, mild temps.

Sometimes all in the same day.  

It's like Mother Natures is subscribing to Random acts of Mindless.  Really.

Take winter storm Petros. 

Wednesday it was in high 40s and we got 1.5" of rain over 24 hours.  Around sunset the west opened up allowing the sun create marvelous double rainbows to the east.

Later that evening, as the eye of this "land hurricane" rolled over us, my barometer entered the lowest reading I've seen here: 29.09!

Thursday they were all hyper about 4-6" of heavy snow, but all we got a little ice that quickly melted and a trace of snow.  Now, Friday, the storm is gone and we're getting a bit of lake effect snow from Lake Eerie.

We've had a couple of whiteouts this morning, but they were brief - and beautiful.

Going down to the 20s tonight, into the 40s tomorrow and then Sunday?  60s.

Yep.  No rhyme or reason to the weather this winter.

Meanwhile, Mom and I have been out and about.  Took us a while to feel comfortable going out in public after that bad run of illness in January, especially Mom.  But you can't pull a Howard Hughes and try to hide from germs.

Next week I'll be taking her back to the fitness center and ease her back into her exercise routine.

Otherwise, lots of nothing right now and I'm enjoying it.  Eating basement greens, planting some seeds, catching up on some HBO freebie movies on the DVR.  Yep.  Right now doing nothing is doing me good.

And when I run out of movies, there's always the weather to watch.  No?  LOL


  1. I need to get tomato seed into the flats. I may do that soon. Weather is the conversation by everyone. We never have had consistent weather but the warming up periods do drive us crazy when the temps drop so far so quickly. We are told that lots of snow may be in our area by late Tuesday night. I will just wait and see as yes they do get it wrong a lot. Take care and do get out a little.

    1. Thanks, Larry. We are getting out more. And I agree, it's the wild weather swings that are so disrupting. Makes it hard to keep your chores on course. 65F on Sunday, followed by rain, then snow next week. Staying inside is my game plan.

  2. Gorgeous rainbow shots.
    We're riding the roller coaster around here as well. Tomorrow-46? We'll see. It snowed like crazy this morning with the sun shining like crazy. I give up. Looking forward to leaving this for a bit.
    Will write from the road, but if I don't get to blogging, know I'm thinking of ya.

    1. They were fabulous. And I didn't see another blessed soul out enjoying them. Who looks at the sky anymore?? Roller coaster temps again over the weekend/next week. Hope you have good weather for your drive. Looking forward to hearing you from the road. :-D Have fun!!


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