Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bright sun, high winds, high hopes

Today some around here may hit the 70* mark.  Already here it's in the mid-50s.

The winds are blowing in the 20s  with gusts forecasted in the 50s.

Luckily, I have a corner on the deck next to the garage that, thanks to the time of the year when the sun hits that are all morning now, I can enjoy the warm air and sunshine without getting blown off the deck.

What a treat.  Tonight?  Well, we're going to get rain & SNOW tonight.  Yep. By Friday nights will be back in the teens.

So I'm outside as much as I can today.  Soaking up the rays, reminding myself that winter (such as it is this year) WILL soon pass and I can get back out into the gardens.

Meanwhile - the view from the chair is nice.... (manually cobbled together).


  1. Great that you have a spot out of the wind. My spot is in my "shop"--the door wide open catches the sun, but yet tucked farther in to the garage stall, the wind can't catch me!
    I'm in Iowa and my plans to spend the day hiking have been foiled by calls for 40 mph winds. Bah! So, it's the antique shops and back road drives. Not what was in the plans, but ya do what ya gotta.
    Have fun in the sun while it lasts.

    1. Almost .25" of rain last night, very windy, and now only a cold 40* today. Brrrrr. Sorry your hike got blown away. Maybe you'll find a treasure in the shops. Nothing but cold and colder for the next week. Enjoy the trip!

  2. We are having similar weather but more warm days. Very windy.
    I actually tilled out some in the dust yesterday.

    Love that beautiful deck and the little nook out of the wind.

    Max has enjoyed the screened in porch but I haven't ventured out yet.

    You have a great vista with the golf course behind you rather than a row of houses back yards.

    1. Yeah, the golf course is beautiful. It's the golfers ya gotta deal with. LOL No outside for the rest of the week. Cold, wind, and snow. Back to hot soup and some serious comfy chair time. Tilling? I'm so jealous your weather is so sooner than ours.


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