Friday, March 4, 2016

Last snow? First seeds.

Well, this was a surprise this morning.

Next week daytime temps will be in the 50s & 60s.  The long range forecast for the rest of March looks mild.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday, before the snow, I stopped at the post office and found the seed order from Totally Tomatoes (white packs).

The lettuce is for Mom, the purple carrots are for fun, and the collards (which I've not grown before) are because they have the most calcium of all the leafy greens.  

(Research tells me that calcium supplements - calcium carbonate - can cause a whole lot of things to go wrong.  Found out from last week's mamo that the gals are peppered with calcium deposits that can lead to more serious issues. Also I'm getting cataracts - also a calcium issue.  Here's an informative article.  (<=click here)

To that effect, I've stopped taking supplements and will now avoid foods that have been 'enriched' with calcium (like my fave OJ). From now on - I'll only get my calcium from food, fish and dairy, thank you. It's never too late to change things up. 

Will be sowing the collard seeds today, pepper seeds this coming week, then tomatoes next month. Also time to bring the rest of the overwintered geranium and B&B salvia upstairs to make room for this year's GUL adventures.

Stay tuned.


  1. Max stays pretty up on all things medical and told me some time ago that they have decided that you should get all your vitamins and minerals directly from what you eat. I am still taking C hoping it will help with some of my issues, but that is it.

    1. Because of my Hashimoto's disease, I do have to supplement certain vits & minerals because the attacked thyroid prevents a good % of absorbtion of them. Otherwise (as you can read on the Chef's page) I'm committed to 'real food' and do not hold back at the check out $$. Food IS medicine. I have a friend who needs lots of vit C - and I just this week recommended her to switch to a buffered brand to help with stomach distress.

  2. Hi Kris
    Looking at your snow picture (and reading the news online about back home) is making me so glad I'm out here. But-that said, we are slowing meandering back home cuz let's face it-I'm getting the spring itch to start seeds.

    I agree with spending on good food. I'd rather pay it at the supermarket than at the doctors!!
    But there's the rub--most of the grocery foods are so low in nutrients now (dead soil!) that sometimes things have to come from supplements. Ah, it's a never ending battle , isn't it?
    Enjoy the week

    1. I hear you there on the lack of nutrition in the foods grown for market. That's why we grow vegs, right. But good meat/fish/eggs etc are pricey IF you can FIND THEM. Luckily, there's an Earth Fare store opening soon within 6-7 miles of me. Hopefully it will have a decent selection AND that it will give the local health food store some competition. The prices there are way high.

      Hope you enjoyed your trip. Now, time to come home and get busy! LOL

  3. That is an amazing snow scene.

    1. It is pretty, isn't it? I couldn't imagine living in a state without winter snow.


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