Monday, March 7, 2016

Early plant migration

Yesterday (Sunday) I brought up the other 2 over-wintered geraniums to join the other 2 already in the living room bay window.

All looked great with lots of buds forming.

Today I brought up the 3 overwintered B&B salvia and the carton of New England asters seedlings (from saved seeds).

Hmmm.  Too crowded in the bay window.

So out to the sunroom for all.

Really?  Unheated sunroom?  So early in the season?

It was bright and the sunshine had warmed the room to near 50F which is fine for these sturdy plants.

The room was so lovely I joined the crowd and had breakfast.

After breakfast I stepped outside.


So out went the plants.  They will probably stay outside all week.


Sure.  Why not.  Check THIS out:

Crazy, huh?  And check out those nighttime forecast temps vs the 'hist avg' temp.  Wow.  I enjoying this now, but am a tad concerned about summer.  How about you, weather anomolies your neck of the woods?

10:45 a.m.  Over 50 and balmy.  Time to get out the 2016 garden jeans and put 'em to work.  Wonder how long these will last.  I've got big plans for them this year... woohaha

========== u p d a t e ==========

Found info on U.S. 2016 late spring/summer weather forecast.  CLICK HERE

Scroll down for all the maps and the final summer forecast video.


  1. What fantastic looking weather! It does make one wonder what is in store for us this summer.

    The plants look fantastic.

    1. Yeah, it's kinda scary to have a spell like that so early. The gerries did well in the basement under the flourecent lights. So did the B&Bs.

  2. I wasn't going to save my geraniums this year but I do have some of the still living in the basement. Your plants look really good. We are having a warm spell right now but I could not put them outside without having to hurry them back inside. I like your area where the plants are now.

    1. I brought them back inside last night, but I see I didn't have too. The nighttime temps where still at 50s. It's convenient being able to set them outside or pull them back into the sunroom as temps dictate. Hope yours respond well when you bring them topside.

  3. Hi Kris
    So glad you're having a nice spell. I see that back home they are supposed to have a warm-up as well, but I contacted a neighbor and she said the snow was still all there so we are not-ha!
    Hope your plants (and you!) enjoy the fine weather.
    I agree--too early....but still nice!

    1. Found a long-range forecast (click link in updated post). (And, from the look of it, I'd better get the rain barrels up earlier than usual.)

      I've got a couple (well, 3) things I'd like to get accomplished this nice spell. Pacing myself. Was achy by noon yesterday so STOPPED! LOL Yesterday I still had a patch of snow even though it was 57F. Hope you have a nice week of weather & whatever. :-D

  4. Gosh, your geraniums look fantastic this time of year. They would brighten any room!

    1. I set them out on the deck on dry/mild days, bring them into the sunroom at night. I do enjoy overwintering them ... and saves me having to buy new every year.

  5. Same here in Ontario. It is a fair bit warmer than usual and looking at the Spring-Summer forecast according to your link above, I see that they think it is going to be dryer than usual. That is not too reassuring.

    1. Hello, Alain. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, the forecast is a bit of concern, so will be catching rainwater earlier this year than most. I just hope the bugs won't be as bad as I fear due to very little freeze this winter. Hope you get water when you need it.


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